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Music and Dance, Rock and Pop Festivals  -  Comprehensive list of modern music and dance festivals in Andalucia

Concerts in Sevilla 

Concerts in Malaga and Costa del Sol

Concerts in Granada

Art Exhibitions and performances in Sevilla

Flamenco concerts - tickets available for major flamenco concerts in Spain.

Facebook interest lists

Subscribe to our Facebook interst lists where you can find information on events and general news within each of the 8 provinces of Andalucia. This list contains the Facebook feed of the main the town tourist offices.  Many of these posts are in Spanish and many also include municipal news.

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Town hall websites

If you want to know what´s on in a specific city or town within Andalucia, check the town hall website which is usually found at
www.<town-name>.es  Look under 'turismo' or 'agenda' or 'noticias'. This information will be in Spanish. 
Some of the Provincial, Regionial and National tourist boards maintain 'What's On' guides on their websites. These are located at; visitcostadelsol.com, cadizturismo.com, turismohuelva.org, turismosevilla.org, cordobaturismo.es, jaenparaisointerior.es, turgranada.es, turismoalmeria.com, andalucia.org and spain.info. 


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Traditional Festivals

Consult our comprehensive list of traditional Andalucian festivals by Month or by our Festival list or by our Summer Feria listing.


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Things to do

Consult our comprehensive entertainment section including Theme Parks, Aqua Parks, Wildlife Parks.


Music and Dance, Rock and Rave Festivals.  -  Comprehensive list of modern music and dance and alternative established festivals in Andalucia



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