Natural Parks - Laguna de los Jarales Natural Reserve

Laguna de los Jarales Natural Reserve

The Laguna de los Jarales is a saline lake located southwest of Lucena. The reserve covers 122ha and is noteworthy for its variety of aquatic habitats, as well as being an important breeding and overwintering site for wildfowl. Although it is a seasonal lake, in periods of high rainfall it sometimes contains water all year round.

It is one of six wetland sites scattered around southern Cordoba, all of them natural reserves. The others are: Laguna del Conde, Laguna de Zóñar, Laguna de Tíscar, Laguna del Rincón and Laguna Amarga.

The Centro de Visitantes Zóñar is on the A309 Puente Genil-Aguilar de la Frontera road, at Km 77.6, 957 335 252. It has information on all of the lakes.

Take the N331 south of Lucena and turn right towards Benamejí on the CO752. North of Benamejí is the lake.

Laguna de los Jarales is surrounded by a dense band of tamarisks (tamarisk canariensis, t.africana), interspersed with occasional stands of the halophytic rush juncus maritimus and reeds (phragmites australis). On the northern shore is the spiny rush (juncus acutus) and roundhead bulrush (scirpus holoschoenus).

There is extensive underwater vegetation like strawberry stonewort (chara fragifera).

The lake is surrounded by olive groves.

The lake attracts many ducks in winter, as well as coots, mallards and moor hens all year round. In the autumn you can usually see waders. There is also a significant population of frogs and toads here.

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