Why Do People Pack Up and Leave Their Family To live In Spain ?

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Would I do it Again? ( That is move to Spain )

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Re: Why Do People Pack Up and Leave Their Family To live In Spain ?

Postby rt21 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:22 pm

Like costakid I don’t live full time in Spain either. When we bought our villa ten years ago it was the sun, scenery, Spanish culture and the short flight from the UK that attracted us. And we haven’t regretted it once even though the value of the property has fallen significantly.

I enjoy living in the UK and really look forward to our regular visits to Spain. In fact we get the best of both worlds and I wouldn’t wish to change this arrangement.


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Re: Why Do People Pack Up and Leave Their Family To live In Spain ?

Postby markwilding » Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:27 pm

I met wife in Spain while I was studying here but We felt then that there would be better opportunities in London so we decided to set up home there after getting married.

My wife used to love living in London but when we used to visit her family here in Spain, she used to get really upset when it was time to go back to London. We talked about it coming to live here over a number of years but when my son got to about nine years old, we felt it was now or never so as not to upset his schooling too much.

In the end the whole move went quite smoothly and I've never regretted it. London is well under 2 hours from here and we often go back, often for pleasure, sometimes for work. Since my mother died, it has also given us the opportunity to visit places in the UK i've never been to before.

My, son, who was 10 years old by the time we finally got here, could already speak Spanish but was really nervous and worried , which obviously affected us but I remember taking him to school on his first day and telling him he could come home for lunch but when I got there, he asked if he had to come home because he wanted to stay at school with his new mates.

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