Taxation Question

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Taxation Question

Postby Johnandali » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:26 pm

Looking for some feedback on Pension Taxation ahead of my move to Spain.

I plan to move to Spain in late 2019 becoming Tax resident and liable for Tax from 1st January 2020.

At that time I will have taken my final salary Pension but I will also have a small cash pension which will be invested in the UK.

I have a tax advisor lined up but I like to go into discussions with an understanding of situation and I have been unable to find information online so far on the following.

Does anyone know how the increase in value(assuming investments go the way I want them to) of this cash Pension are handled in Spain from a taxation point of view - is it treated as a Capital Gain.

One portfolio have I been shown as a example had a 10% increase in 2015, 8.5% in 2016 and a 1.3% decrease in 2017 how would this work in Spain – are you taxed annually on the capital gain in value of Pension or simply on income drawn when I eventually start using the pot.

Thanks in advance...........

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