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"Charca de las Mozas" after the rains © Kevin George Monterrubio
Angosturas Gorge - Guadalmina River (Benahavis)
ANGOSTURAS GORGE, GUADALMINA RIVER, BENAHAVIS By Kevin George Monterrubio The Guadalmina River begins near Igualeja, in the Sierra Bermeja of the Serrania de Ronda and flows into the sea 28km later...
Giant Geode © Geoda de Pulpí
PULPI GEODE By Kevin George Monterrubio Geodes are rounded, hollow voids in rocks filled with crystals and other minerals. They are typically formed when air bubbles inside of volcanic rock form...
AVE the High-speed long-distance train routes in Andalucia
Trains - High-speed long-distance trains AVE
HIGH-SPEED LONG-DISTANCE TRAINS IN ANDALUCIA By Fiona Flores Watson It is no exaggeration to say that the AVE (Tren de Alta Velocidad Española), which started in 1992 in time...
The city of Jaen is rich in history with impressive monuments © Michelle Chaplow
Jaén City - Home
Overview of Jaén City By Brenda Padilla Jaén is a city that every lover of Andalucia should visit, enjoy and - if possible - spend a good deal of time getting to know. Not only does the...
Take time to discover the hidden corners of Almeria © Michelle Chaplow
Almería City - Home
Overview of Almeria City The city of Almería is Andalucia's most eastern capital. Years ago, it was not as well known by tourists as other capitals like Malaga, Sevillle...
Ifergan Collection
Malaga City - Ifergan Collection
Ifergan Collection The Ifergan Collection enables us to perceive history through all our senses. It is one of the most important archaeological private collections in the world, inviting us to travel...
Follow our guide to the museums of Malaga © Michelle Chaplow
Malaga City - Museums
Museums in Malaga Map of Museums in Malaga Whether you like wine, archaeology or cars; you’re interested in glass, contemporary art or 19th century painting, you’re sure to find at...
King Abdul Aziz Mosque or Marbella Mosque © Michelle Chaplow
Main Sights - Marbella Mosque
Marbella Mosque This beautiful Arabian temple overlooks the golden mile just to the west of the city centre (towards San Pedro). It was the first Mosque constructed in Spain since the Christian re-...
Tambor Del Llano ©
Serrania de Ronda - Country Escape Hotels
SERRANIA DE RONDA COUNTRY ESCAPE HOTELS by Max Phythian The following hotels are all based in rural settings and enjoy the natural beauty of the Andalucian countryside, with its stunning scenery of...
Hotel Cortijo Las Piletas ©
Serrania de Ronda - Walking Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - Walking Hotels These hotels are suitably placed for guests to explore the local terrain, finding their own paths using maps, and hiking by themselves. Generally, this...
Catalonia Reina Victoria ©
Serrania de Ronda - Four-star Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - Four-star Hotels In Andalucia, the hotel star-rating system is overseen by the Consejeria de Turismo y Deporte of the Junta de Andalucia (regional government's Ministry of...
Estepona Tobogan slide on 14th May after it was closed down ©
Estepona - Giant Slide
Giant slide - THE LONGEST IN SPAIN The Estepona Giant Slide (Estepona Tobogán in Spanish) is a 38m stainless steel slide and tourist attraction, located on Calle Eslovakia just off the...
Hotel el Tajo & SPA ©
Serrania de Ronda - Spa Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - Spa Hotels Whatever you're after when you visit a spa - skin firming, relaxation, stress release, muscle toning, or just plain pampering - you will leave feeling revitalised and...
Escape to a luxury spa hotel © Michelle Chaplow
Hotels - Spa Hotels
Spa Hotels in Andalucia Today many four and five-star hotels in Andalucia, especially on the coast, have spas for guests to use, offering hydrotherapy circuit and beauty treatments and therapies for...
Stunning pet-friendly hotel - Hotel Fuerte Grazalema ©
Serrania de Ronda - Pet-friendly Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - Pet-friendly Hotels by Max Phythian A range of hotels that allow your pet to stay with you. These establishments have an animal friendly policy, which means that in all of them...
Parador de Ronda - View ©
Serrania de Ronda - Family Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - Family Hotels by Max Phythian A selection of hotels which are especially well-equipped for, and welcoming to, families. In general this means that various age groups and their...
Hotel Rural Molino del Puente Ronda ©
Serrania de Ronda - Boutique Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - Boutique Hotels by Max Phythian A selection of hotels which are generally defined as small and luxurious. The exclusive, luxury aspect of these hotels implies a focus on...
Hotel Finca Almejí ©
Serrania de Ronda - Budget Hotels
Serrania de Ronda - BUDGET Hotels by Max Phythian A selection of hotels at lower than average prices, ideal for those who are conscious of saving money whilst also wanting to find a great location to...
Los Pilares de Ronda ©
Serrania de Ronda - Rural Hotels & Guesthouses
Serrania de Ronda - Rural Hotels This page details various Rural Hotels, Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts in the Serrania de Ronda. Ideal for an 'away from it all break', this section offers a...
Algatocin © Michelle Chaplow
Málaga Province - Serranía de Ronda
Serranía de Ronda The Serranía de Ronda is studded with charming pueblos blancos (white villages) that can be visited by car in a number of delightful day trips. The dramatically...

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