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Living in Andalucia you will inevitably need a variety of insurance policies and all area available from top of the line national and international insurance providers either based in southern Spain or represented through local delegations.

When you sign for a mortgage in Andalucia you will be required to sign a homeowner’s insurance police and also to take out life insurance. This is standard procedure and protects both bank and homeowners.

Private health insurance is highly recommendable, even if you are eligible to use the Andalucian Public Health Service (SAS). This is due to the fact that the state services are set up to deal with important health crises in a relatively quick and efficient manner (depending on the crises) but tend to be overloaded at the local level making it difficult to see a doctor quickly and obtain a rapid diagnosis and treatment for more minor ailments.

For drivers, there is no way around car insurance, especially now that the civil guard has updated it’s technology. Boaters will also find a wide array of marine insurance policies and option available to ensure both property, crew and activities.

Travel insurance is a must for those planning holidays and trips with local and international providers offering excellent trip insurance for travellers, including medical coverage, baggage insurance and a wide variety of other possibilities.

Finally, let’s not forget our pets. It is common to relocate to this area with favourite pets or to acquire them here. Throughout Andalucia you will find vets who accept pet insurance making this the ideal way to care for your animal in southern Spain.

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