Cadiz Province - Zahara de los Atunes

© Michelle Chaplow Virgin beaches of Zahara de los Atunes
Virgin beaches of Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes

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Zahara de los Atunes is a small fishing village on the Costa de la Luz 30 km north of Tarifa on the Atlantic coast. To find Zahara, you need to turn off the coast road (CN 340) at a little bar called Venta el Retin at km 56.



Zahara is a windswept place with an interesting atmosphere. On a quiet day, it is like going back in time. A fine example of what we politely call Opopulist architecture. By contrast, on a summer¹s day, it's the trendy place to be. A stunning wilderness of 20 km of unspoilt white sandy beaches stretching as far as Cape Gracia. You can drive south from Zahara, as far as the lighthouse on Cape Gracia and explore the beaches. This is a no through road, hence the area has remained unspoiled.

 © Michelle Chaplow Quiant andalucian village homes
Quiant Andalucian village homes

In the village itself there are the sadly neglected ruins of the Castillo de las Amadrabas built in the fifteenth century by the Dukes of Medina Sidonia for protection against pirates and later used by local fishermen to store their tuna fishing equipment.

In this part of town, you can enjoy a drink on the beachfront in the bar of the Gran Hotel Sol. A few modern resort hotels sit alongside the traditional beach cabins and hostels, but when it comes to accommodation, my own personal favourite is the Hotel Dona Lola, which despite being a modern hotel, is well worth a visit for its pleasant atmosphere and immaculately clean rooms. There is an excellent little pizzeria next door which is a great spot for an informal bite to eat!


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