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Ronda is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalucia. © Michelle Chaplow
Ronda is one of the most beautiful towns in Andalucia.

Ronda is one of Andalucia's loveliest towns, steeped in history. There is plenty to see beyond the view from the bridge over the plunging gorge which divides the town. Below are the main attractions and things to see in Ronda, and when is best to see them. 

Alameda del Tajo   Balcony of Paseos
The Paseo Hemingway leads on to Rondas great green lung
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Behind the Plaza de Toros are Ronda's spectacular walkways celebrating two famous visitors
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Baños los Arabes (Arab baths)   Bullring
These are said to be one of the best surviving examples of original Arabic hammams, water baths, in Spain.
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Inaugurated in 1785, Rondas Plaza de Toros is one of the oldest in Spain
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Carmelite Convent   Casa del Rey Moro
A wide flight of stone steps lead to the imposing wooden doors of the Merced Carmelite Convent.
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The so-called House of the Moorish King built on the foundations of a earlier Moorish palace
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Casino and Círculo de Artistas   Citadel
Casino - this building in the Plaza del Socorro is an important part of Ronda's history.
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Ronda is divided into three parts, and the old Moorish citadel, La Ciudad, should be explored first.
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Convento de Santo Domingo   Hotel Reina Victoria
Built on Arabic foundations at the instigation of the Reyes Catolicos after the fall of Ronda in 1485
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A little to the south of the Alameda, and connected to it by the cliff top Paseo de los Ingleses is another garden, in the centre of which stands the Hotel Reina Victoria
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Iglesia del Espiritu Santo   Palacio del Marqués Salvatierra
Towering above the Almocabar gate, the monolithic church of the Holy Spirit is the Ciudads unofficial cathedral,
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Palacio of the Marqués Salvatierra family opens irregularly as a small museum of Renaissance art and artefacts.
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Palacio de Mondraga   Plaza Duquesa de Parcent
Rondas loveliest enclosed space is the Mondragón place, heavily renovated and part-modernised
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By far the loveliest public space in Ronda, this leafy square boasts an embarrassment of monuments.
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Puente Arabe (Moorish bridge)   Puente Nuevo
Sometimes called the Roman bridge, as it was thought to have been built on the foundations of an earlier Roman bridge
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Rondas 'new bridge' was completed in 1793 and bisects Ronda into new town and old.
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Puente Viejo (Old bridge)   Walls
This was the one navigable link between Mercadillo and La Ciudad until the completion of the Puente Nuevo centuries later.
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Rondas extensive walls, murallas, were begun by its Moorish rulers in the 13th century, renovated in the 16th by the Christians
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Ronda Guided City Tour

Ronda Guided City Tour Ronda Guided City Tour

Discover the unique heritage of the beautiful city of Ronda that nestled nestles either side of the Tajo (Gorge) which divides it. From the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), which serves as a connection between the old medina and the new medina, you'll see beautiful views. Book tour now

Ronda: Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Ronda: Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour Ronda: Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Explore the town of Ronda like on a food and wine tasting tour, and see all the best spots of the city while enjoying some of the finest wines and delicious tapas. Visit the Ronda Wine Museum and learn more about the region's wines Taste the wines of this Malaga wine region at the Ronda Wine Museum.  See the famous sights of Ronda with a local guide and visit local gourmet shops and restaurants. Book tour now

Ronda Half-Day Tour With Tapas

Ronda Half-Day Tour With Tapas Ronda Half-Day Tour With Tapas

The incomparable phenomenon of Ronda, separated by the narrow and deep gorge. The spectacle of Ronda is indescribable, and, around it, an ample valley with working fields, oaks and olive trees. And there in the distance, as if it had recovered all its strength, the pure mountain rises, range after range, until it forms the most splendid background.Book tour now


Private Walking Tour of Ronda

Private Walking Tour of Ronda Private Walking Tour of Ronda

Discover the beauty of Ronda on this private 3-hour walking tour. Enjoy this personalized tour with an official tour guide. Explore the city's most iconic monuments and sights like the Arab baths, Old Town Hall, and one of Spain's oldest bullring. You can customize the tour to meet your needs. Book tour now