N-340 - Follow the old N-340

Follow the old N-340

Due to the N-IV (Madrid to Cadiz) taking precedence of the single road along the peninsular into Cadiz city, the Kilometre 0 of the N-340 is the rather less romantic than the Puerto del Sol in Madrid.  It is often cited as Tres Caminos industrial estate at Puerto Real near San Fernando. However this is incorrectly assumed when heading north and measuring form the last junction on the A-48 (for Cadiz) which is labelled as km 0,5 rather than the as the last   

Today the first section of the N-340 is the A-48 dual carriageway and it joins by way of an overhead flyover the CA-33 which is the new number for the N-IV at this point. The original road surface of both roads before the flyover was constructed in the 1990's can still be seen. The exact point of the Kilometre 0 of the N-340 is an unmarked and virtually inaccessible point at GPS xxx under the flyover.   It can be reached by driving along the Camino rural and continuing foot.

After 50m the N-340 crossed the river x on a bridge built (we believe) in the 1940's it carries the northern/southern carriageway of the present A-48.  Half of the 1842 arch bridge the carried the pre Peña road can be seen alongside to the east. It was half demolished to make way for the Peña bridge.

The N-340 was the southern carriageway of the A-48, leave at junction 3 to follow the old N-340 through Chiclana de la Frontera. On the other side of Chiclana the N-340 runs parallel with the A-48 for a few km and then continues on its own through the road side village of Colorado. Today it is free of lorries and Conil Town hall have tried to beatify it with flowers and roundabouts.

Passing Conil de la Frontera, continue south. The A-48 soon terminates and all the traffic joins the N-340 just to the north of Vejer de la Frontera.

The road follows the gorge of the River Barbate at a place called La Barca de Vejer. By old stone arch bridge are a couple of interesting roadside ventas.

The N-340 road climbs out of the valley and crosses farmland and now windfarms. A-5204 road to Zahara de la Atunes is on the right hand side.

Further on the CA-221 leads to Facinas and the GR7 footpath route over Puerto de Ojen to Los Barrios. Further on the right-hand side is the CA-2216 Bolonia and Roman city of Baelo Claudia.   It is likely Roman road north from Bealo Claudia followed the coast via Atlanterra, Zahara de las Antunes, Barbate and Vejer  

The N-340 did not pass Baelo Claudio  but carried on passed the A-530