Toledo City - practical visit tips

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Toledo City - practical visit tips

Postby olive » Sat Feb 11, 2006 1:58 pm

I am planning a long weekend break for Mr and Mrs olive to Toledo in the Spring. Driving up from Andalucia. We will be avoiding Easter when I guess prices will go up. Plenty happening here then.

Does anyone have any practical suggestions re budgetish hotels, parking and so on? From what I can gather the city is compact and the sights can be walked.

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Postby Nige » Sat Feb 11, 2006 8:26 pm

Toledo is a really interesting city. Whenever I think of Toledo I think of the Spanish Civil War and the siege of the Alcázar. And then I think of swords and fine metalwork. But I always come back to the wonderful picture painted by El Greco over 400 years ago that is in the small chapel of Santo Tomé
I would go back to Toledo just to see that.

There is a new AVE fast rail link with Madrid these days so you can pop in to see the Grecos at the Prado. Particularly the one described by a famous poet as....
"This stranger is a Christian
of serius mien and black accoutrement,
where nothing glistens more than the hilt
of his admirable Toledan sword".

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Postby skychick » Sun Feb 12, 2006 1:42 pm

I've been to Toledo a few times... basically if you are driving as you come into the old city (it's on a hill next to the river) you will start seeing parking signs. You park at the bottom of the hill in an underground car park as as you exit the car park, there is a tourist information office. Grab a map from them as there are lots of little streets to get lost in!

Then, use the outdoor escalators to get up to the city! Follow the signs for the Cathedral to get to the main square. It's quite easy to get lost, so make sure you get that map! There are also lots of little bars/restaurants hidden in the streets. And sword shops. Hundreds of them, all selling the same things- but they are very nice to look around, lots of suits of armour etc!

I've not been in the newer part of the town, but I think this is where you will find hotels etc.

Hope this helps!

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