Sra. Ángeles Muñoz - The British Chamber of Commerce Spain

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Sra. Ángeles Muñoz - The British Chamber of Commerce Spain

Postby andalucia » Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:52 am

RE: Sra Ángeles Muñoz discusses her proposals for the development of Marbella, with British businesses.

Details of the Talk

• On Wednesday, 25th April, the British Chamber of Commerce will be meeting with Sra. Ángeles Muñoz, a candidate for the Mayor of Marbella, who will be speaking on “The Proposal for the Development of Marbella.”
• This seminar will take place at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella at 19:30h, and will consist of a presentation by Sra Muñoz, questions by the attendees, followed by a reception for all guests.
• This event, organised by the British Chamber of Commerce, will be sponsored by MDCI Project Managers, a Marbella based company with over 20 years of experience in the Spanish and international real estate industry, which defends and protects the developers’ interests throughout the challenges of a development process.

People and Quotes

Ángeles Muñoz Uriol
Began her career in 1995 as deputy mayor of Benahavís and a year later was elected to be a member of the Partido Popular in the Andalucían Parliament. She then went on to work within the Ministry for Work and Social Affairs (Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales); and since 1998 has been at the head of the Partido Popular’s presidency in Marbella and San Pedro, whilst also being a member of the party’s National Executive Committee.
In the General Elections of March 2000, Sra Muñoz was elected to Congress, as spokeswoman for Asuntos Sociales y Políticas Migratorias; however in 2003, after being appointed to the Ayuntamiento de Marbella, she decided to focus on her commitments as spokeswoman for the Grupo Popular in Marbella, rather than on those to the national leadership.

Laura Stanbridge – Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce’s Andalucía Committee
“It is important that our members and the business community have an open dialogue with the political candidates in the run up to the elections, since we can all make positive contributions to the future of Marbella.”

Mark Lawson – Managing Director of MDCI Project Managers
“Clearly Marbella is now facing an important challenge which can jeopardise the future of this town and will require strong and consistent leadership to support and exploit its unique position in the residential tourism world.”

Details of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain

• The British Chamber of Commerce, with nearly 100 years’ presence in Spain, has just created its first Regional Committee in Andalucía.
• Even though the British Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit-making NGO, it works closely with the British Exterior Minister, the British Embassy and Consulate, as well as other government agencies, both regional and national.
• The British Chamber of Commerce has over 300 members, including members such as “la Caixa”, Burberry, Sanitas, BT and British Airways.
• Events in the British Embassy and Consulate, talks with political figures on regional, national and international levels, presentations and seminars with distinguished businessmen from finance and industry sectors; these are but a few of the services offered in the Chamber’s agenda for 2007.

For more information please contact Charlotte Fraser-Prynne at [email protected] or call 933173220

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Postby andalucia » Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:49 pm

Angeles Muñoz outlined her proposals for Marbella.

Karen Stock from Burberry introduced the speakers on behalf of the British Chamber of Commerce.

Mark Lawson of MDCI project managers, British owned with a multinational team. They are proud to support Angeles Muñoz and the PP by being sponsors of the event. Mark outlined the importance of a strong leadership that was needed to affront the challenges that face Marbella. Mark added a congratulations to Angelez Munoz for 'winning' the support of the audience at yesterdays 1 to 1 election debate against the PSOE candidate.

Angeles introduced herself in English and then continued in Spanish returning to English at various key points. Obviously more comfortable public speaking in Spanish. The audience were certainly impressed by her attempts at some of the more compicated English phrases. She raised an impromptu applause at an unusual election pledge.

"If I am the Major I promise you that I will practice and improve my English. I practice Sweedish with my husband and now I will have to practice my English".

It is important that after the 27th of May Marbella has a 'normal' Town Hall. I am proud to say that we are the only party that has not been involved in the recent court cases.

Rajoy has been here four times in the last year. Marbella is so important that Zapatero will come to Marbella next week.

In economic terms, the town hall is like a company. We can see the future with optimism and look forward to being given a chance to run the government.

The situation urbanistico is a serious issue...Marbella must have a serious economic management. The new urban plan is the most important because uncertainty is the worst economic thing for any town or business.
This must be sorted out, the illegal build must be quickly sorted out.

There are many hospitals and old people homes in Marbella. Most of these are private. The town hall must be involved in future infrastructure projects for people who can not affort the private.

We will create a 'department' for the Urbanisations of Marbella to sort out all the aspects and pay special attention to these areas. Water, sewage, security etc.

The 'consorcio municipal de turismo' will need to support from the business in Marbella.

What will you do to sell Marbella? Marbella needs nothing, it can sell itself it just needs a government that does not distroy Marbella.

After the 27th we will have a population that are pround to be in Marbella and are proud to carry out business in Marbella.

Q: Sr Plata has big projects. Are you able to have big projects without the PSOA/Junta support.

A: In Andalucia there are 8 capital cities. 6 are PP. One comunist and Seville which is PSOE which is the worst. Do not be taken in by this blackmail. Look at Malaga and the improvements that PP have done their in the last few years.
Were you here in '91 Pre Gil? When things were terrible under the PSOE. Marbella was a mess. It looked terrible. This is why Gil was elected in a landslide.

Q: You said that Marbella should be a normal council. How do we know that your council will not be corrupt?

Answer: You are a business man, a good business man. There a good business men and bad business men. I understand your concerns and request for guantees. I want the town halls affairs not to be run by businesses but be transparent and even put them on the internet

Jose Luiz Fernandez, PP responsable for foreign resident affairs said " The PP is the only party not involved in corruptoin."

Q: I remember Mr Gil saying the same thing to us 16 years ago and look what happened?

Q: What is your salary?
A: I don't have a salary from the Town Hall, as a deputy in the Spanish Congress I recieve 4.000 (Euro a month).
Q: Not a lot!
A. It is enough (laughter)
A bank manger handels a lot of money but does not steal it. If I wanted money I would be a busness woman in Marbella.
Some years ago they came to me a said Roca has a proposal for you, you are fantastic. I said not I am not even going to sit with him and have a coffee. This is our credentials of honesty.

Q: I have been here 20 years. One of the problems is that Marbella does one thing and the neighbouring town halls do other things. Look at the road to Istan and sections of the road pasing through Benjhavis. How are you going to work with the otheres and protect the environment.

A: There is a Plan General of the Costa del Sol. The Town Halls defend their own rights, but they must work together.

Q. Look at the Concha mountain, the symbol of Marbella, the quarry is destroying it?
A. The Spanish think that the quality of life is important. The environment is important to protect this quality of live.

Q. The Urban General Plan promotes the new port. Have you thought about the effect on the beaches. Look at Dubai?
A. In the port at espigon a study has been done. There must be an equilibrium. Marbella has a big problem with the beaches which will not be solved by adding sand each spring. There are plans for a large under sea reef. Gibraltar and Malaga has cruise liners. Marbella needs new

Q I can vouch for Angelez, I have know her for years....come and talk to me if you need this. (Maurice Bowland)
Voice: But who is going to vouch for Maurice?
Q: One of the enemies of Marbella is the British press.
Will Angeles promote the good of Marbella?

A. Yes.
A Karen added that the BCC offered its support in this respect.

Q. What are you going to do about the poor condition of the streets, cars parking, and how this looks to outsiders?
A. The maintenance plan of Marbella will help this, especially with the urbanisations. We will go from one to one improving them. There are even urbanisations that have money for asphalt and sadly lack permission from the Town Hall. In some cases they have taken their own iniciative and then have been fined from the town hall for not having a building licence.

Q. Given the importances of the General urbanistic plan. When will this plan be finished?
A. This is now in the hands of the Junta. It was going to be published 2006, then spring 2007 and now 21 June 2007. Just in spring! In whatever case in 3 months after the elections the urbanistic powers must be returned to Marbella. The plan must then be explained to the people affected and hopefully finally aproved in very early 2008.

Q. One in 5 citizens in Marbella is foreign. We live in a "us and them situation" in Marbella. When will foreigners be able to be part of Marbella government?
A. To be part of the Town Hall you have to be working in the (political) party. This is not popular for the foreigners. I invite all the foreign associations to come to Town Hall meetings and take part in decisions. I hope all the societies have foreign representation. The British Chamber of Commerce can play a part in this.

A. One of our genuine concerns is that non representation of foreigners and this is a waste of talent and I want to invite all to take an active roll in our 'EU citizens working group'

Laura invited anyone to join the BCC and take part in their expansion plans in Andalucia.


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Meeting closed at 21.06.

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