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we have 15 reasons to be proud! was founded in 1996 - we've been leading the market in websites about southern Spain for 15 years now. So we wanted to tell you 15 reasons why we're proud of our achievements.
Popular At 350,000 visitors per month, we're the most-visited English-language site about Southern Spain in the world
Our team is truly passionate about Andalucia
Qualified We have a full team of professional journalists, web developers, SEO experts, programmers, copywriters, photographers, managers, sales and marketing professionals.
We are an independent guide to Andalucia.
Global appeal We receive visitors from 227 (out of about 250) countries and territories visiting us in 123 browser languages.
Expert and exclusive Our text is written by journalists who are specialists in writing online content, and appears exclusively on this site
Comprehensive We have about 5,000 pages on every aspect of Andalucia, from schools to nightclubs, from fiestas to finance.
Effective We have helped thousands of our clients promote themselves and their products worldwide.
Local Our head office is in Andalucia, and we are well established as one of the most important online businesses in the region: we were awarded "Company of the Year" at the first Costa del Sol Business Awards in 2008.
The Green One. Both our brand colour , and our philosophy
Authoritative All our team live, or have lived, in Andalucia - we know our subject.
Multilingual Our 15 staff speak a variety of languages, enabling us to offer targeted advice for foreign visitors about their trip to Andalucia
Visual We have excellent photographs and maps to illustrate and complement our extensive content.
High-ranking Alexa is the world league table of website popularity. From the millions of websites globally, we are very proud of our Alexa position as 45,658th most popular site in the world.
Trusted Google have indexed a staggering 25,167 of our pages; there are 27,613 inbound links from other web pages to our site; Wikipedia has 52 references to our web; many guide books, magazines and newspapers quote us as a reference or source.

Congratulations to our team, our readers and our clients
for helping us to achieve 15 years of success!


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