The Golden Triangle: Seville, Granada and Cordoba

Golden Triangle

Here in Andalucia, we’re fortunate to have three of the most beautiful and historic cities in all of Spain (not that we’re biased of course). For visitors wanting a trip-of-a-lifetime where they get to visit not just one, or two, but three stunning and historic cities, all within easy reach of each other, Andalucia comes up trumps: majestic Seville, spectacular Granada and intimate Cordoba - each with its own UNESCO-recognised Moorish and Mudejar gems. Why not hire a car, visit Andalucia's Golden Triangle, then finish up in Malaga and hit the beach - the perfect holiday.

How should companies prepare for the launch of the gTLDs in late 2013?

by Chris Chaplow

As you are probably aware, on 13 June 2012 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) published a list of applications by companies and individuals to operate their own generic top level domain (gTLD) – or, simply put, the part to the right of the dot.  At present there are 22 gTLDs on the internet such .net .org .info .biz etc (in addition to the 250 two-letter country codes .es .de .uk etc).   

The list of applications contains names such as .hotel  


Most of the applications are to sell domain names at the second level, similarly to how registrations in the dot com zone work currently.  An example of a second-level registration would be fuerte.hotel - depending on which applicant succeeds, the dot hotel will be open for anybody to register, whether they are involved with the hotel industry or not. 

There will be protection for existing trademark holders, who can register names in a “sunrise? in advance of the general availability.

As an example, the Fuerte Hotel Group in Marbella, whose current main website is, will decide whether to register fuerte.hotel as the main website for their hotels, or to make a defensive registration in case a cyber squatter, domain trader or other new business, registers first.

The launch of new gTLD’s next year will undoubtedly have a profound impact on business, especially the tourist industry, as they navigate through the new environment. 

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Keeping bang up to date with technology

Always up to the minute with the latest technological advances in the world of internet and social media, our team attended conferences in Malaga, Madrid, as well as ICANN meetings in Prague, Toronto and Business Constituency meetings in Washington DC.

Editors Corner

Seasons greetings!

Christmas here in Andalucia is a time of big, joyous family meals – tables heaving with jamon, seafood, and those much-loved traditional pastries like mantecados. If you need to work off all those delicious festive goodies, then hit the slopes of the Sierra Nevada ski resort, with more runs than ever this season to offer you a first-class skiing or snowboarding experience. Team

This year at we have a new type of Christmas tree. Yes, it is a pine, it has branches, and it’s in a pot, but the difference is… it’s alive! This tree was taken from its hillside forest, complete with roots, and is a living plant which will be watered, admired - and returned after the festive season. An innovative and eco-friendly idea from a local association which hires out these beautiful pinsapo pines – a species native to Andalucia – you can even reserve the same tree for next year!
A great, green initiative which we’re happy to support. Team

This year celebrated our staff Christmas lunch at the fabulous Finca Cortesin, with a delicious meal including mini-Christmas puddings, rounded off with toasts to all of you, our loyal clients and friends.

We would like take this opportunity to wish all our clients and readers a very jolly Christmas and a prosperous 2013! Best wishes from the team at


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