Almeria Province - Vícar


The municipality of Vícar was a place of settlement for both the Romans and Arabs but, due to the expulsion of the Moors during the reconquest, it had to be repopulated with citizens coming from other parts of the peninsula.

The footprint of the Romans in this almerian town has left in its legacy a group of bridges called the Puentes de Carcauz, formed by the aquaducts of Los 20 Ojos, Los Poyos and the ´unfinished aquaduct´.

The centuries of Muslim occupation have left behind ruins of an andalusian fortress that now is found leaning against the parish church, forming a bell tower. Other monuments that are worth visiting include the Casa del Marqués de Casablanca and the viewpoint of Vícar, which offers spectacular views.
For lovers of sport and nature, there are some amazing hikes on offer in the town.


Hotels in the town of Vícar are scarce and hard to find, however the nearby resort of Aguadulce and the town of Roquetas De Mar provide an array of hotels and self-catering options very nearby. 


The varied gastronomy of this andalusian town consists of dishes like arroz a banda (rice cooked in fish stock), ajoblanco (cold soup) and ajo colorao, migas, stew, fish stew, sardine ´moraga´, tarbinas and olive bread, all washed down with delicious grape juice.


The festivities of Vícar are celebrated independently in their different areas. Thus, in the middle of June there is a celebration in honour of María Madre de la Iglesia; 16th June in honour of Carmen the Virgin; 29th July in honour of la Virgen de la Asunción and 19th September in honour of Santo Cristo.


After visiting Vícar's Iglesia Fortaleza golfers in Andalucia may want to pay a visit to the long and enjoyable 18 holes at La Envia Country Club.


Vícar is located 20 kilometres from the city of Almeria, from where one can take the A-7 motorway leaving at exit number 424 towards Vícar and linking onto the ALP-109 motorway that will take you to your destination.


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