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The Brits introduced football to Spain way back in 1889 © iStockphoto
The Brits introduced football to Spain way back in 1889.

Huelva City - Fascinating Fact 3 - WHEN THE BEAUTIFUL GAME CAME TO SPAIN

As well as building impressive new residential areas, theatres and railways (see Fact 1), the British Rio Tinto mine workers (see Fact 1), who lived in and near Huelva, had a profound and lasting effect on Spanish life - they introduced football to Spain. Recreativo de Huelva was founded in 1889, and was the first Spanish football club. The inaugural official game in Spain took place in Seville in 1890. Huelva Recreativo played against a team from the Seville Water Works. With the exception of two Spanish players on the Huelva team, all the players on both teams were British. The result? The Seville team won 2-0. Not much changes, then.



  • Fact 1 - Driving through Huelva, and suddenly find yourself transported back to suburban Victorian England?
  • Fact 2 - Christopher Columbus is Huelva's own local hero and you can follow in his footsteps.
  • Fact 3 - Huelva´s football club, Recreativo, is the oldest in Spain.
  • Fact 4 - See replicas of Columbus` faithful ships - every schoolchild can name them for you.
  • Fact 5 - From erotic poetry to children's books, this Nobel Laureate was Onubense.
  • Fact 6 Within the  Nuestra Señora de la Soledad Cemetery in Huelva lies a grave with a curious history.
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