Flora and Fauna in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
Flora and Fauna in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow

Andalucia is host to a very rich variety of wildflowers in widely diverse habitats, some species growing nowhere else. Here we present a brief list of some of the more common wild flowers found in… More →

The most common wild animals found in the more remote parts of Andalucia are outlined below.

A brief guide to some of the common trees found in Andalucia: alder, ash tree, avocado tree, carob tree, cork oak, elm, enebro, evergreen oak, fig tree, gall oak, juniper, jacaranda, lemon, maple… More →

Driving through Andalucìa, it is easy to see that the most abundant crop throughout the Andalucìa and, in particular, Jaèn is the olive. In certain areas, tidy line after line of olive trees… More →

Nearly a fifth of Andalucia is protected, the largest proportion of an autonomous region in Spain, reflecting the unspoilt nature of its countryside and the high ecological importance of its… More →

Andalucia has a number of Marine Centres that are ideal for family entertainment and education. Most are open from May to September. There are also a number of small quieter Marine Science Centres… More →

Andalucia has an amazingly wide variety of scenery - from Europe's second-highest mountain range, to the continent's only desert, tidal marshes recognised as a biosphere by UNESCO, ancient oak… More →

Andalucia is the perfect place for renewable energy, with its miles of coastline where wind turbines can harness the sea breezes, and its endless hours of sunshine, which can be absorbed by solar… More →

On this page you will find a Glossary of geographical terms.

The Mediterranean garden is a subject of great interest to more and more people - not only avid gardeners looking for ideas for their own gardens but also tourists who find being surrounded by the… More →

Five of Andalusia's eight provinces have stretches of coastline (Almería, Granada, Málaga on the Mediterranean; Cádiz and Huelva on the Atlantic), while a sixth, Sevilla, has a tidal river and a… More →

Andalucia has a magnificent variety of flora and fauna, thanks to its location between the African and European continents and between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic oceans. Not only that, but… More →

Vetiver is mainly used for controlling erosion as it traps sediment, slows down the flow of water, and allows you to channel the water to where you want it to go. When placed in an inlet where… More →

For individuals, governments and companies committed to the idea of powering our technological age with clean, renewable energy, wind and solar power are a natural fit. Wind-powered technology has… More →