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© istock photo "Knowledge is power" - Get the best from education in Spain.
"Knowledge is power" - Get the best from education in Spain.

Education in Andalucia

Whether you are a tourist, an international student or a resident, and regardless of age, there are many educational opportunities for you and your family in Andalucia. Here you can find out about schools for your children, local universities for young adults and mature students, language programs and a wide array of educational opportunities for the tourist - or the resident wishing to expand horizons.

An excellent option for those who live in Spain but would like to continue their studies using the British education system, is distance learning. Using this online home-study system, you can… More →

Of the many ways to learn Spanish in Spain and get a good foundation in grammar and pronunciation, while having fun in the process is to attend a language school. A good course will give you the… More →

Spain has a high standard of university level education while some of the most prestigious national universities can be found in Andalucia. Indeed, the universities at Granada and Seville are… More →

Education is a primary concern for families relocating to Spain. For many children and young people, arriving in Spain and starting at a new school can be daunting at first, especially with a new… More →

There are plenty of opportunities for further education in Andalucia. Logically, most of them provide all tuition in Spanish. However, there are also numerous opportunities to study in English in… More →

The number of people who wish to participate in an educational courses while enjoying a holiday break is increasing. Andalucia is an ideal venue for such courses.

Thousands of British and other English speaking people live or spend a lot of time in Andalucia. When first setting up home, the temptation is to make friends with fellow English speakers, rather… More →

Guided tours are an excellent way to see Andalucia. Depending on which tour you choose you can learn more about specific aspects of the flora, fauna, gastronomy, culture, etc... Here we have… More →




Living in Andalucia