Jaén City

The city of Jaen is rich in history with impressive monuments © Michelle Chaplow
The city of Jaen is rich in history, with impressive monuments such as the Cathedral.

Overview of Jaén City

Jaén is a city that every Andalucia lover should visit, enjoy and - if possible - spend a good deal of time getting to know. Not only does the city have an ancient and fascinating history, but the castle that towers over its winding streets offers some of the most quintessentially Andalusian views there are to be had. And if you find these views too breath-taking to enjoy for only a few moments, stop in at the Parador. There may be a castle room with a view just waiting for you. It has about 112, 800 inhabitants.

The capital city of north-eastern Andalucia, whose name is derived from the Arabic for 'crossroads of caravans,' Jaen has recently had a spurt in growth of tourism. Known for being the world… More →

The least-known of Andalucia's provincial capitals, Jaen is a historic city which is famous for its superb olive oil, grown in the rolling fields which surround this ciudad dating back to Moorish… More →

The city has 48 notable monuments, and more than a hundred other buildings of interest, almost all of them in the Renaissance style, and in perfect balance with Arabic, Gothic or Baroque volumes… More →

The building of the Museum of Archaeology and Fine Arts, or simply Museum of Jaén, dates from 1920 and was designed by the architect, Antonio Flórez Urdapilleta. It is designed as a square… More →

The Museo Ibero (Iberian Museum) is located in Jaen city and is dedicated to the prehistoric Iberian culture of Spain. Intended to raise city's profile, on a regional, national and international… More →

Jaen has a good selection of restaurants, the vast majority of which serve traditional Spanish and Mediterranean food. Fish and seafood are a popular choice in Jaen, trout being the star player,… More →

Jaen capital is yet another Andalusian city that has a certified "Fiesta of National Touristic Interest" and as in every other corner of the province, jinienses (residents of Jaen) believe their… More →

Bus timtables from Jaén to other town in Jaén province including Andujar, LinaresLa Carolina, Bailén and Ubeda as well as Córdoba, Granada, Malaga Airport, Algeciras and Madrid.

The Jaen Parador, also known as the Parador de Santa Catalina, has a spectacular setting: it is in a restored castle on a hill overlooking the ancient city of Jaen, and the countryside and… More →

This is the place to start. From the motorway, it’s easy to find your way up the hill to the castle. Simply follow the signs and find parking at the top. There’s a Parador (national hotel) with… More →

There are several museums worth visiting in Jaen: Museo Íbero, Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares, Museo de Jaen, International Museum of Art Naif and more.

Best known for its region´s superb olive oil and Renaissance architecture, Jaen has many little- known treasures waiting to be discovered by visitors to one of Andalucia´s least touristy cities.… More →

Jaen City - Tourist office, Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Jaén, Calle Maestra, 8, Jaén

Shops are mainly located off Paseo de la Estación, with all the high street brands as well as gift shops, ceramics and local goods. There is also a selection of shopping centers with easy parking… More →

The people of Jaen make every typically Andalusian festival unique to Jaén, thanks to their own variations on the traditions.

The bus station is on Plaza de Coca de la Pinera, 250m north of Plaza de la Constitucion. Alsina Graells runs 11 or more daily buses to Granada, seven or more to Baez and Ubeda and two to Cazorla… More →

Jaen is also known – by historians – as the “Holy Kingdom”. This is because more or less the very same area we know today as Jaen Province, was long ago a kingdom, ruled first by Moors and then… More →

Jienense, as the locals are known, have a cuisine all their own – at least from their point of view. To the outsider, the menus of the day in Jaen will probably look very similar to those of… More →

Castle Santa Catalina

Stand at a prime lookout point at the top of the Santa Catalina castle and you will look down on a charming provincial capital that drapes over hills thus sending streets winding up and down steep inclines. From here you'll also enjoy the towns architecture and monuments. Fields and olive groves sweep out beyond the town and as you turn to the south and southeast, the spectacular peaks of the Sierra de Jaen and Jabalcuz rise and fall in the castle's backdrop. And if you find these views too breathtaking to enjoy for only a few moments, stop in at the Parador. There may be a castle room with a view just waiting for you.


This Andalusian province, known as a land of olive groves and designated “World Capital of Olive Oil”, is considered the region with the highest olive oil production in Spain. If we travel through history, we will find that many of the typical dishes of the region have their origin in the Andalusian cuisine of the medieval period, but also in the stews invented by the shepherds who, at that time, populated the north and east of the province. More>


Popular festivals in Jaén are Lumbres de San Antón, Semana Santa and Feria de San Lucas. More>

Nearby Places

The neighbouring villages to Jaén are Torredelcampo, Mancha Real and Mengíbar.


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