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Andalucia is a suberb place for outdoor activities and sports.

Recreation & Sports in Andalucia

Andalucia with summer sunshine and mild winters is one of the best destinations in the world for sports and outdoor activities.

An Andalusian man without his horse is like a matador without a cape. He feels stripped of an essential part of his identity that has been formed over the centuries. It is part of his life, his… More →

The mild climate also attracts major international competitions to the area, both on the Costa del Sol and in major inland cities. In 2023, the two top global team events in the tennis… More →

Costa del Sol has the ideal combination of climate for outdoor sports. Tennis remains consistently popular and attracts players of all ages. There are numerous tennis clubs on the Costa del Sol.… More →

Andalucía is a birdwatcher's paradise and attracts ornithologists throughout the year. The best time of the year, however, is during the spring, as this is when you can see many wintering species… More →

In Andalucia there are many rivers where you can enjoy a pleasant walk and a relaxing swim surrounded by nature. The best time is undoubtedly summer, although it is also an option in late spring… More →

Canyoning is an increasingly popular outdoor activity, or extreme sport, which involves descending gorges using a combination of walking, climbing, jumping, sliding, abseiling (rappelling), and… More →

Polo originates from ancient Persia from the sixth century BC to the first century AD. During the fifteenth and sixteenth century, the game was eventually passed from Persia to other parts of Asia… More →

There are actually about 30 triathlon events every year in Andalucia, which are held between February and November, including during the hot summer months. Desafio Doñana is the flagship event… More →

The Atlantic and Mediterranean shorelines are ideal for fishing and many of the local marinas provide everything required for a day of open sea fishing. A maritime recreational fishing licence (… More →

Andalucia boasts the largest amount of hunting opportunities within the developed world and offers a great selection of all forms of hunting. It is clear why so many hunters travel to Andalucia each… More →

There are many karting circuits in Andalucia where you can have fun. They can be found at Campillos, La Puebla de Cazalla, Cartaya, Torre del Mar.

Andalucia is one of Europe’s foremost golfing destinations, with over 100 courses. The climate, with warm temperatures all year round, and endless hours of sunshine, coupled with spectacularly… More →

The landscapes of rural Andalucía are breathtaking and one of the best ways to appreciate their diversity and beauty is on foot. However it is sometimes hard to determine exactly where a path is… More →

Andalucía’s Costa del Sol is not only the Costa del Golf but also provides the ideal combination of climate, coast and countryside forvirtually any other major sport you can think of, ranging from… More →

A guide to the Sierra Nevada, the only ski resort in Andalucia, is located at Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, about 30 km south east of Granada city.

This relatively new sport has become one of the most popular racquet games in Spain and the craze is spreading across Europe. A paddle (pádel' in Spanish) court is smaller than a tennis court,… More →

La Liga Football is a favourite spectator sport in Andalucia amongst a huge number of British and Spanish like. The foreign influence has increased the popularity of football over the years and… More →

Cycling is a popular sport in Andalucia and it is not uncommon to see groups of cyclists out enjoying a weekend morning together as they tour the countryside. Equally in the last few years the… More →

There are more gyms and fitness centres in Andalucía than ever before. Whereas in the early 1980s you’d have been pushed to find the odd male-dominated weights room, there are now many centres.… More →

There are only a few quality lawn bowling clubs in Andalucia. Lawn bowling is a popular sport amongst the international community on the Costa del Sol where most of the clubs are situated.

Bossaball is a relatively new sports game that has come to Andalucía. It is played along the beaches of Andalucía. Taking its name from the bossa nova rhythms that often accompany games, it is a… More →

Those who find hiking not quite exciting enough, may like to try mountaineering, rock climbing or caving, all of which are popular in this part of Spain with a wealth of challenges and some of the… More →

Facilities: Indoor courts for futsal (indoor football), basketball, mini-basketball, volleyball, ball games, skating and tennis. Changing rooms and toilets. Children's playground and bar.

In Andalucia many races are held in different sports such as horse riding, motorcycles, bicycles, rally cars or athletics. These events attract many people interested in participating and… More →

Andalucía is a mecca for water sports, thanks to the proximity of the coastlines, as well as the numerous lakes and reservoirs. The most popular sports include sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing,… More →

Extreme sports are defined as activities which involve a high level of danger, and therefore often both speed and height; they're also "counter-cultural", and often (though not always) practised… More →

Whether you want high-adrenalin extreme sports adventure tour - on snow, ground or water; wind or gas-fuel-driven; to get about on two wheels or two legs; taking to the air; or calmer, but no less… More →

Recreation and Sports in Andalucia


Sports facilities in Andalucía vary considerably depending on the town or region. They are usually excellent in the major cities and resort areas, although sparse in more rural regions and villages. Municipal sports complexes, known as polideportivos ('multisports'), are located in the larger towns/cities and there are many private country clubs, sports centres and gymnasiums, most of which allow guests to use their facilities. Several of the larger hotels on the Costa del Sol also have gymnasiums open only to guests and members.

All community developments or urbanisations have swimming pools, and many also have tennis courts and other sports facilities. The overall cost of participation in sports is reasonable when compared to most other European countries.

Obviously, the sports facilities on the Costa del Sol are tourist driven, particularly regarding golf and water sports. It is the climate, of course, that makes outdoor sports here so popular year round.

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