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Andalucia.com one very useful site for Southern Spain
Andalucia.com one very useful site for Southern Spain

Information about Andalucia

Andalucia.com, the "Information about Andalucia" website, was founded in 1996 by Chris Chaplow. It was the very first site on the Internet to offer travel information about this region of southern Spain, and has upheld its mission to offer clear, concise, easily-navigable pages about Southern Spain for the tourist and curious traveler.  A website dedicated to the enjoyment of Andalucia. The site has grown to 10,000 updated pages in English language and 3,500 in Spanish language and receives about 350,000 users (visitors) every month. It is the most-visited destination website about Andalucia in English

It is one very useful site for traveling and discovering Andalucia.

Advertising and links

We maintain a low advertising-to-content ratio, with no pop-ups for the benefit of reader and advertisers alike. We interlink pages manually with meticulous care, so that relevant content can be found easily, without having to resort to the search facility. Read About advertising on Andalucia.com

Design and photography

Pages are illustrated with photographs of superb quality. Pages are aesthetically pleasing, with balanced columns, few blank spaces, and without different sections fighting for the reader's attention.   

Editorial policy

Andalucia.com does not republish press releases; we produce our own original content rather than repeating someone else's news. Compare andalucia.com with any other travel websites to understand the relevance of these comments. We are continually striving to provide our visitors with the best up-to-date and timely information. We devote a large part of our resources to updating and enlarging existing pages. We don't cover news unless it will stand the test of time. We report on established events including practical tips so that our readers may choose to attend in following years. View our most recently added pages. Make Andalucia.com work better for you as a powerful research tool.


The pages (not articles) of information that you will find at Andalucia.com is gathered from a wide variety of writers, photographers, and journalists, all of whom share a great love for all things Spanish and in particular, all things Andalucian. Most regular writers are professional journalists who have contributed over a wide range of subjects, while others are specialized in specific subject. Find out more about our impressive group of contributors. Half of our resourses are devoted to keeping current pages up to date. The other is creating new pages and expanding existing pages and sections. The website's structure is closer to an encyclopedia than an online media site.

Collaborating with us

If you are interested in helping improve or expand our coverage to support a particular destination (or community or specialist subject) on a non-commercial basis we would love to hear from you.  Additionally, your feedback keeps us striving to do better, so if you see anything that is out-of-date or in error, please let us know via the 'Contact us' link in the foot of this page. We welcome your suggestions and updates.

Our team

Andalucia.com is staffed by passionate professionals - all are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards that visitors to the website have come to expect for over the past 25 years. It is this team-based approach which is the backbone for our continued success. Meet the Andalucia.com team.

Our business

Because of its huge popularity, Andalucia.com offers businesses a unique opportunity to reach potential clients, not only in Spain but also around the world. No other English-language website about southern Spain can match our high volume of visitors. Take a look at our general statistics about site usage, advertise with us and drive traffic to your website.


The company is a proud member of the Business Constituency of ICANN, as we owe a debt of gratitude to one of ICANN's policy successes, the UDRP.

Our ethos

The website does not have any political allegiance. However apolitically we do support the idea of a more transparent, efficient and responsible administration, which we can trust to spend our taxes effectively, which supports the local business community, and which also recognises the contribution to the Andalucian economy and culture by foreign residents past, present and future.

Logically, therefore, we support efforts to internationalise Andalucia, making it more appealing to both holiday visitors and potential residents from all around the world, and to increase English-Spanish bilingual levels in the community to ensure long-term economic success.  

Our community: forum, blog and Social Media

We have run a forum since 2000 and its members provide a mine of information and assistance to others. This well-established forum has helped with everything from finding long-lost ancestors to initiating a marriage. Our blog is an additional information source, covering news, events and a wide range of topical subjects around the region. We also have FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts with thousands of followers which are constantly updated, and we engage actively with our readers, followers, who provide opinions and input for new pages.

Our funding

Andalucia.Com is funded entirely by private investment and advertising without any 'incentivos or subvenciones'.  Andalucia Com does not have any connection with any tourist board or governmental body.

Should you wish to visit the official website of the Andalucian Tourist Board or the Junta de Andalucia, (the Andalucian Autonomous Region's government), they can be found at www.andalucia.org and www.andalucia.es respectively.

Thanks for your time, we hope you find Andalucia.com enjoyable and useful.

Chris Chaplow

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