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Internet & Communication

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Internet & Communication in Andalucia

Internet & Communication

Do you like to stay connected? Information, advice, on digital communication, Internet, Telephones and Technology in Andalucia.


The foreign residents to Andalucia and the concept of working form home has helped create a large demand for a variety of high tech services. The technology now makes it possible to keep in touch… More →

WiFi and Hot Spots are easy to find in Andalucia. Described on a discussion about the then latest technology on Radio 4, the advent of WiFi was described as lying somewhere between 'Armageddon and… More →

In Andalucia the Internet plays a big part in helping business generate customers and sales leads both locally and from overseas. Most business's either have or require a good Internet presence… More →

Today you can advertise a business to a worldwide audience for just one euro per day or less. An advert on the Internet works for you around the clock for a fraction of the price of traditional… More →

If you are travelling to Spain in the near future the chances are that you will want to keep in touch by making sure you have access to the Internet. Ease of communication is also part of the… More →

Whether you have been in Spain for just a few days or for years one of the things which confuses many foreigners is telephone numbers. There is a logical system of numbering in.

Telephoning from Spain is not difficult. The international direct dial access code is 00. Dial 00 plus the country code plus the area code and phone number. (Don't forget you may need to drop an '… More →

Mobile broadband is a type of internet used for mobile phones, laptops and tablets such the iPad when there is no WiFi or landline available. It is also known as 3G, 4G or 5G internet. 5G provides… More →

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