Tourist Office in Ceuta

Tourist Office in Ceuta is located at Calle Edrissis, Baluarte de los Mallorquines, 51001, Ceuta, Spain.

Destinations - Ceuta

Ceuta is a 22 square kilometre Spanish territory or enclave on the northern African coastline. It is one of the European ports into Africa, a place where the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and two continents intertwine to provide the city with its unique character; where Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus live together, forming large communities.

Ceuta - Cuisine

Few cities can offer visitors such a wide variety of dishes in their gastronomy as Ceuta. It is the home of many different cultures where each of them have left their stamp, as well as their culinary art, with the added advantage of being so near the sea. Visitors can try all kinds of fish and seafood from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

Ceuta - Shopping

Due to its non-mainland Spain location, Ceuta has always benefited from a more advantageous tax system than that on the Spanish mainland. An example of this special treatment is its category as a duty-free zone.

Ceuta - Beaches

Ceuta has several beaches right in the city centre. On the Mediterranean, a few steps from Plaza de África and certified with a Blue Flag for the quality of its water and first-aid services, with all the comforts of a modern European city: sports facilities, wheelchair access, showers, entrance walkway, assistance points, lifeguards, sun shades, etc.

Ceuta - See & Do

City Walls. The Monumental Complex of the Royal Walls was the borderline of ancient Ceuta. If you cross the Walls you will find the Royal Moat, navigable since the era of Portuguese rule. The oldest fortresses of the Walls are found to the east of this Moat.

Hotels in Ceuta

Hotel Ceuta Puerta de Africa is a hotel located right in the city centre, next to the Municipal Palace, 300 metres from the port and the heliport, near the shopping area and close to the beaches. It can accommodate 244 people in its 117 rooms and three suites.

Ceuta - Getting There

Modern, fast ferries travel across the Straits of Gibraltar from the port of Algeciras., taking just 45 minutes. There are three high-speed ferry companies with 15 to 20 crossings every day.