Ceuta - Getting There

Modern, fast ferries travel across the Straits of Gibraltar from the port of Algeciras., taking just 45 minutes. There are three high-speed ferry companies with 15 to 20 crossings every day. 

These ferries offer passengers tourist or club class and also transport cars, motorbikes and trailers. Information and timetables

Helicopter Flights
From Málaga: There are various flights every day from Málaga-Costa del Sol International Airport and from the Civil Heliport in Ceuta (in the city centre), scheduled to connect with the most important flights. Flight time: 35 minutes. 

From Algeciras: Flights from the heliports of Algeciras and Ceuta for connection between both cities - a comfortable flight that only takes seven minutes.

Road from Morocco
From Tangiers: 68-kilometre drive
From Tetuan: 45-kilometre drive.