Gastronomy - Almond Nutrition

Almonds are extremely nutitious. © Michelle Chaplow
Almonds are extremely nutitious.

In addition to containing high levels of Vitamin E (24 mg/110g) and healthy monounsaturated fats, almonds provide a wonderful alternative for people with a variety of allergies, intolerances and medical problems.

For example, almond milk is ideal for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, while almond flour can be used by diabetics and those with gluten intolerance. Also, people who are allergic to peanut butter often find that almond butter is a great alternative.

Research has been done to determine whether or not almonds might prevent cancer and there is some indication they could play a role. Recent research shows these healthy nuts may both raise healthy cholesterol and lower unhealthy cholesterol at the same time.

Specialists in natural and alternative health would stress the importance of eating raw almonds in order to obtain healthy benefits. In some countries, such at the United States, where almonds are required to be pasteurised, this can be difficult. In Spain, however, you should be able to acquire raw, natural, unprocessed almonds at country farmers markets and even in towns and cities at the municipal markets that serve the public Monday to Saturday mornings in a central location.

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