Festivals in Gaucín

Gaucin - Festivals

Celebrations take place in a marquee erected in Plaza de la Fuente with the usual Carnival queen, chirigotas, and municipal band.

Semana Santa.
There is an important Palm Sunday procession to the church as part of Holy Week. A vigil takes place in the church the night before.

Toro de Cuerda.
This bull-run takes place on Easter Sunday (Resurrection). The old town is sealed off from Calle Luis de Armiñan. At 10.30 in the morning the Mayor signals the release of a bull - tethered by a long rope tied to its horns - into the village, by setting off a firework rocket. Several hundred villagers and tourists positioned on the carerra (course) dare to get close to the animal, and then turn and run out of the way or climb onto window ledges when the bull charges. It is a village version of the San Fermines in Pamplona - the visitor is probably in more danger from being trampled by the running crowd than the bull itself. At 13.00 the bull is corralled into a patio where it is auctioned. See our related videos.

La Noche de San Juan
La Noche de San Juan (24 June) is celebrated with a romeria (pilgrimage) at a spot 2km along the Ronda road, with food, music, dancing and horse-racing. A family-oriented event.

The summer fair lasts for several days in early August, and takes place at the Recinto Ferial. A bullfight normally takes place in a specially-erected temporary bullring outside the town.

A feast in honour of Santo Niño (Holy Child) and San Juan de Dios starts on the last Sunday in August and last until the big celebrations of 7 and 8 September. The image of the Holy Child is taken from its home in the castle in a procession down to the Ermita (Hermitage) in the woods (at Finca la Adelfilla), the site of his supposed apparition in 1536, for a rociero mass followed by both solemn vigils and dancing, singing, eating and drinking (see our related videos). See 'Walk of Tiger' which takes this route. Also called Romeria a la Adelfilla 

Art Gaucin
The Art Gaucin Open Studios is a well established project is now into its second decade. The Art Gaucin Open Studios event provides an opportunity to meet the artists, learn more about their work and techniques, and see and purchase their paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and ceramics. The Art Gaucin Open Studios take place over two long weekends, usually last in May and first in June. They showcase new work by Art Gaucin's member artists as well as by guest artists.


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