A taste of things to see in Aracena © Michelle Chaplow
A taste of things to see in Aracena © Michelle Chaplow

Things to see in Aracena

Aracena has 7,814 inhabitants. The town gives it's name to the Sierra de Aracena, part of the Sierra Morena system. It is the largest town in the Parque Nautral Sierra de Aracena. In 2006 it was named Tourist Municipality in Andalucia, the first town in Huelva to achieve this status.

Plaza San Pedro is a small square located at the bottom of the village with Mudejar style Ermita San Pedro (chapel) over-looking it. It was built in the fifteenth century with the function to… More →

Plaza de Marqués de Aracena, mostly known as the 'paseo', is the main square of the village. It is overlooked by the handsome and impressive Casino Arias Montano, which was designed by architect,… More →

The Plaza Alta is a square that was originally built as the centre of Aracena around the fifteenth century. With time and as the population of the village grew, the village expanded and the square… More →

The 'jamón' (Iberican ham) museum was created as an Interpretation Centre for the Iberican Pig, providing information about the mountain culture of the Sierra passed down from parents to children… More →

The Iglesia Nuestra Señora del Mayor Dolor stands next to the Castillo Fortaleza overlooking the village below. It is the oldest and most emblematic church in Aracena and its construction began at… More →

The growth experienced in Aracena during the sixteenth century led to the construction of another church, in this case Iglesia de Santa María de la Asunción, in the lower part of the village as it… More →

Cabildo Viejo is a fifteenth century building that has been used as a granary, town hall, prison and municipal government offices. The main entrance was made by Hernán Ruiz II in 1563, according… More →

The castle was built in the middle of the thirteenth century and remained in use until the early sixteenth century, when it lost its military functionality. During the seventeenth and eighteenth… More →

The guided tour of Las Maravillas Cave follows a circular route of around 1km, and takes around 45 minutes. The visit includes two of the three levels of the cavity, at temperatures of between 16-… More →

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