Cortelazor village, Sierra de Aracena © Michelle Chaplow
Ceramics from the village church, a bust in memory of Jose Perez Guerra, details from the church of Lod Remedios, cork trees a picture perfect window frame of a village house ( Click to enlarge images) © Michelle Chaplow

CORTELAZOR - Sierra de Aracena

The old centre of this tiny, ancient hilltop village, stunningly located within the Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, has been declared of Cultural interest. Cortelazor itself was founded in the mid-13th century, and these days its economy is based on livestock. You enter by crossing the stone bridge, and once in Cortelazor itself you'll find quaint cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. 

Ceramic Mural - Cortelazor la Real ©Michelle Chaplow
Ceramic Mural - Cortelazor la Real

Things to See

Church of the Remedios, from the 16th century.   You can visit two museums: the

Painting museum and the popular handicrafts museum, with beautiful, handcarved wooden pieces by a highly-skilled local craftsman.  

Lavadero de la Fuente Chica is a public washing area which was once an important part of community life.

A thousand-year-old elm tree.

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de la Coronada, is on the edge of the village and one of the oldest in the province of Huelva. Dating from the 12th century, it still has the original baptismal font from when it was built. 



Countryside walks

For lovers of the outdoors, the rural village is ideal setting off point or hiking, being nestled deep inside the beautiful forested Sierra de Aracena Natural Park with eight marked paths. Driving south, 2km from Cortelazor is Alto del Palancar, a mountain pass with a viewing point which offers beautiful panorámic vistas over the surrounding wooded hills.


Typical pieces are wooden ítems and lace.


The main dish is a stew called chafaina and all the desserts are soaked in honey, another of its most popular products.


Cortelazor's patron saints day is in May, in honour of the Virgen de la Coronada.  San Juan is in June and the Cruces in May are celebrated. A more contemporary yet popular annual event is the Open Air Painting Competition.


Cortelazor is about 120 km from Huelva. Take the main A-49 motorway towards Huelva, then the N-435 towards Valverde del Camino and then the A-461 which will take you to Cortelazor.