Cabalgata de Reyes de Higuera de la Sierra


All over Andalusia (and other parts of Spain), processions known as 'cabalgatas', travel through the streets of towns and villages usually on the evening of the 5th January. The processions are usually a mix of fantasy and biblical floats, not forgetting a float carrying each of the Three Kings.

The Cabalgata de Reyes de Higuera de la Sierra is the second oldest in Spain and classified as a Festival of Tourist Interest in Andalusia. It is certainly one of the most popular cabalgatas in Andalucia and the small village of 1300 inhabitants receives approximately 30,000 visitors every year for the traditional procession.

The Three Kings procession of Higuera de la Sierra has been travelling its streets on the evening of the 5th January since 1918, traditionally depicting scenes from Jesus' childhood. The essence of this cultural representation lies in the staging of the villagers themselves, who participate every year, and are transformed for a few hours into biblical characters, totally static despite the intense cold or rain that they may endure that evening.

Being the second oldest in Spain, it was Higuera de la Sierra who created this idea of involving villagers in live biblical scenes, which today has spread all across the country and is now seen in many towns. The sculptural set that is formed creates a beauty and singularity that distinguishes the Cabalgata de Higuera de la Sierra from the rest of the existing ones in Spain.

The different floats that compose the procession are designed and made entirely by hand by all the locals who work very hard during six months of the year to make the night of the 5th January a truly magical experience for all those that visit.

The course of the procession changes slightly each year, but it lasts an hour and a half, always starting at 21:00hrs from Avenida de la Cabalgata N-433.

Visit the Museo de la Cabalgata (museum) to learn about all the work that goes into creating the Cabalgata de Reyes.


Access by vehicles to the centre of the town is closed off as from 15:30hrs, so it is best to park in one of the designated parking grounds arranged by the Ayuntamiento.

The Avenida de la Cabalgata N-433, where the procession starts, closes at 20:30hrs so no cars will be able to pass through the village either from Aracena or Seville.

To avoid the mad rush, arrive slightly earlier, park ideally on the outskirts of the village and walk to the centre for a drink and some dinner, finishing in time to watch the procession.