Palacio Vela de los Cobos

Palacio Vela de los Cobos

The palace was designed in 1551 by architect, Andrés de Vandelvira. To this day it remains the habitual residence of the family that has owned it since it was purchased by their ancestor, Ignacio de Sabater y Arauco, in 1873 who undertook a sumptuous refurbishment of the interior. There is a perfect balance between renaissance sobriety and nineteenth-century Isabelline refinement. Inside there is a collection of works of art, the exclusive library and historical archive, the spectacular French salon, the gala dining room and the other rooms and items from a bygone age, all to be discovered. The façade is in two sections, with a lintelled door between two Corinthian columns in the lower part and an upper part with an Ionic balcony that has a gable and two Telamon warriors holding up the coat of arms of the original owner, Francisco Vela de los Cobos, Governor of Úbeda and Cavalry Captain in the War against the Moors of Granada.

Located on Calle Juan Montilla.

Opening Times:

Tuesday-Friday, Tours at 13:15hrs and 20:15hrs.
Saturday and Holidays, Tours at 12:00hrs, 13:15hrs, 19:00hrs and 20:15hrs.
Sunday, Tours at 12:00hrs and 13:15hrs.

Tickets, €4

Tel: 630 11 75 97


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