Cueva de los Letreros, Velez Rubio


The prehistoric cave paintings of the Cueva de los Letreros are spectacular, they can be found 3km out of the town of Velez Rubio. To get to the caves follow the A-317 north until you reach a petrol station on the left, next to which is a signed turning to the cave.

You will first however need to obtain the key to gain entry to the site. To do this go to the Almacen del Trigo information office in Vélez Blanco at the far end of the town where, in return for depositing your passport, you will be given the key.

To reach the caves, follow the path which starts from behind the petrol station as it veers left before ascending steeply to a stairway which climbs halfway up a cliff to the fenced off rock shelter. This is a good kilometre's walk. Once through the gate of the compound, you will be able to see surprisingly fresh looking red and brown sketches of human figures, birds, animals, astronomical signs and "indalos" which have been dated to around 4000 BC and are amongst the oldest representations of people and animals in the world.




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