Moguer Beaches

The beaches on the coast in the municipality of the inland town of Moguer are actually closer to Mazagon and the famous Doñana Natural Park.

Playa del Parador

This 100-metre wide beach gets its name from the Parador Hotel located here. Playa del Parador is located just a few kilometers from Mazagón along the A494 road but feels like a different world. The 2km-long beach is surrounded by pine woods and backed by red sandstone cliffs. It has also been regularly awarded a European Blue Flag for its high standards of cleanliness and excellent facilities including: showers, toilets, parasol and sunbeds for hire, beach cafés, lifeguards and parking. The car park is on top of the cliff, next to the Parador, so make sure you take your camera to capture the beautiful views.

Playa de Rompeculos

The name of this beach literally means "bottom-breaker" in English and was given to the beach in the 19th century when a river-bed formed during a time of extreme weather and broke through the line of sand dunes along this coast. Rompeculos beach is a three kilometers long and 100m wide, meaning there is plenty of space for everybody. The beach does not offer any facilities except parking at the top of the cliffs. Access the beach by going down the cliff. The beach is extremely popular with nudists although it is not officially a naturist beach. To reach the beach: take the signposted lane off the A494 Mazagón Matalascañas road at kilometer 32.6.

Playa Torre del Loro

The beach gets its name from the remains on the beach of the Parrot Tower (Torre del Loro) which was part of an early-warning network during the era of Barbary pirates' attacks. This beach is in fact on the boundary of four municipalities and if you walk a full circle around the tower, you pass through all four: Palos de la Frontera, Moguer, Lucena del Puerto and Almonte. The 3km long sands are usually quite quiet and ideal for long walks. There are showers and a carpark which can reached from a small road that is signpostecd from the A494 Mazagñon - Matalascañas road.

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