Palacio Mora Claros

by Saskia Mier

Palacio Mora Claros is an early twentieth century palace built by, Moisés Serrano and José María Pérez Carasa, and was restored in 1997.

Built in French style, its tower now houses a day centre for the elderly. Its interior is rich in glass cabinets and spectacular modernist details such as, iron railings with copper flowers. The exterior of the Palacio Mora Claros, by contrast, is more sober and moderate. The house was divided into two zones, one being for the Royals and the other for servants.

Calle Mora Claros
Tel: 959 10 10 79

Opening Times

Monday-Friday, 09.00-14.00hrs and 16.00-21.00hrs
Saturday, 09.00-14.00hrs




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