Paseo Maritimo de la Ría

By Saskia Mier

Paseo Maritimo de la Ría is a seaside boulevard that was opened in July 2016 and is within the Paraje Natural de las Marismas del Odiel.

The Paseo Maritimo de la Ría was built on the left bank of the Rio Odiel, between Muelle de Rio Tinto and the Muelle de Pertrechos. It is one kilometre in length, 80 metres wide and was designed by, Martinez Lapeña-Torres Arquitectos, with a total investment of 23 million Euros. The boulevard consists of four amphitheatres and pergolas, as well as toilets, large parking area, ten kiosks and street furniture such as benches, chairs and fountains.

Visitors to the Paseo Maritimo de la Ría can also enjoy the natural woodland, consisting of one thousand pine trees which will provide shade in the hot summer months, as well as keeping to the natural environment found of the shores of the Rio Tinto and coast of Huelva.

Located on Avenida Francisco Montenegro.

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