Contributors - David Searl

The Late David Searl

David Searle contributed to the forum section You and the Law in Spain for many years and answered legal questions posed by members with his way of turning complex issues into simple steps.

David Searl, a US citizen, settled on the Costa del Sol in the mid-70s and was until his death one of the Costa del Sol's most important writers of articles and books focusing on legal substance. He was the lead writer on law for the acclaimed monthly magazine "Lookout" and continued on the same track in other English-language media.

David Searl, one of the founding members of the Costa Press Club, and was an active member up the end of the 2010s.

His greatest achievement in this field was the publication of the book "You and the Law in Spain" with 22 editions of advisory information about relevant laws and regulations for foreign expats in Spain.

David's first wife is Janet Mendel, writer of cookery books and also a contributor to

In addition to printed works, he was on numerous times a popular lecturer and expert at information meetings in collaboration with the foreign department of Mijas town hall and other local community groups.

David passed away peacefully on 18th March 2022 at the age of 82. He left behind his wife, Mary, two sons, Ben and Daniel, and three grandchildren.