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Sam Pulman-Slater

Sam Pulman-Slater

Sam joined the editorial team in June 2018. Originally from Wales, he graduated from the University of Cambridge with a 1st Class Hons degree in English Literature. He has a particular interest in historic buildings, heritage sites, and cultural traditions, and enjoys using the writing skills garnered during his studies to produce copy on these subjects.

One of his favourite topics is the former Roman presence in the region, and he has made field trips to various sites including Carteia and Baelo Claudia to document visitor experience. He is fascinated by Spain´s idiosyncratic commitment to tradition, and has enjoyed writing about the splendour of festivals such as the Virgen del Carmen.

Sam has a particular interest in the Malaga and Cadiz provinces, and enjoys travelling in both urban and rural settings to deepen his understanding of Spanish culture, language and infrastructures. He has various ongoing projects, working closely with the rest of the team to produce new content and enhance existing pages.