Marenostrum Fuengirola

Marenostrum Fuengirola

Contemporary music and dance festivals in Andalucia

Marenostrum Fuengirola - 18th May to 17th August 2024
Marenostrum Fuengirola is one of the larger series of outdoor concerts events on the Costa del Sol. Organised by Fuengirola Town Hall, it presents an extensive cycle of concerts that includes classical, rock, flamenco, rap, indie and pop music.

Most concerts are now held on large stage called Escenario Unicaja Banco in the gardens just outside the Castle of Sohail. This comprises of Front and General standing (or seated for some events) areas and the 28 row grandstand for 2.500 spectators. At the front of the grandstand at 18 six-person VIP boxes. 

Concerts billed as Escenario Fundacion Unicaja are held in the more intimate surrounds for about 1.150 seated within the Castle of Sohail walls themselves. 

Marenostrum, which first saw the light in 2016, usually attracts international stars including Monica Naranjo, Robbie Williams, Miguel Poveda, Ara Malikian, Hombres G, Alejandro Sanz, Vicente Amigo and Niña Pastori. Over the years international artists have included Sting, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, Robbie Williams, Ricky Martín and Jennifer Lopez have all performed at Marenostrom.

The three-month festival is more of a series of summer concerts than a 'festival' in the true sense of the word. It also  incorporates several mini day festivals, such as the Fulanita Fest, Sohail Jazz Festival, Bombastic Costa del Sol, and Locos por la Musica. Previous years have incorporated  Festival of Cabaret, and Anfitrión. 

The venue offers accessibility for people with mobility restrictions.


Mare Nostrom Fuengirola 2024

2024 Artists line up:

Artists Date
OT 18th May 2024
Paco Candela 24th May 2024 
Fulanita Fest: - Amaral, Belen Aguilera, Julia Martin, Ladilla Rusa, Samurai 25th May 2024
Eladio Carrión 1st June 2024
El Bario (Atemporal Tour) 8th June 2024

Sidecars + Collumpio Assesino

14th June 2024

Manalo García - (2024 Tour)

15th June 2024
Maná 22nd June 2024
Queens of the Stone Age 23rd June 2024
Space the 360  (DJ's on rotating theme stage) 29th June 2024
Kany Garcia 3rd July 2024
Kurt Rosenwinkel (Sohail Jazz Festival) 4th July 2024
Telmary & Habanasana (Sohail Jazz Festival) 5th July 2024
Los Chichos 12th July 2024
Gilberto Santa Rosa 15th July 2024
Homage to Paco de Lucia (Festival Flamenco) 18th July 2024
María Terremoto, Rancapino Chico and Perico el Pañero (Festival Flamenco) 19th July 2024
Locos por la Música - Revolver, Los Rebeldes, Amistades Peligrosas 20th July 2024
Julieta Venegas 23rd July 2024
David Cepo 26th July 2024
Medina Azahara - El Sueño Entrno Tour 28th July 2024
Faemino & Cansado 4th August 2024
Comondante Lara - Viaje con Nosotros  9th August 2024
Estopa 10th August 2024
Niña Pastori 13th August 2024
Pimpanela 14th August 2024
Bombastic Day Costa del Sol 17th August 2024



About the artists

El Barrio,
Music is in luck as one of the most important artists on the music scene, El Barrio, presents a new album under the title "Atemporal". This project perfectly defines the essence of the artist and we will be able to enjoy it live on stage at Marenostrum Fuengirola, in a unique setting in Europe. In addition, some of his best-known songs such as "Pa Madrid" and "Quiéreme" will be played.

El Columpio Asesino
A night of pop-rock with two of the most outstanding bands in Spanish music. El Columpio Asesino will say goodbye to the stage this 2024, the band from Navarre will say goodbye after more than 20 years of successful career. They will be accompanied by Sidecars, who present their album "Trece" with a powerful and dazzling live show full of great anthems, with their ever-present compositional honesty. The band from Madrid will be revealing the great surprises hidden in this tour over the next few months.

Los Chichos,
The best Madrid pop of Los Chichos, who have captivated entire generations.  They will do it under a farewell tour with the name "Hasta Aquí Hemos Llegado", where they will put an end to 50 years of career. At Marenostrom they will play outstanding songs such as "Historia de Juan Valiente", "Son Ilusiones" or "El Vaquilla", where the audience will be able to sing and dance flamenco rumba in unison with the brothers Emilio and Julio González Gabarre.

Gilbert Santa Rosa
AUTÉNTICO TOUR, is the new concert tour that GILBERTO SANTA ROSA, also known as the "gentleman of salsa", will present. After selling out all the dates of the last tour in March 2023, Santa Rosa returns with a totally revamped show, performing all his greatest hits and new songs. Anthems such as "Que alguien me diga", "Perdóname", "Conteo Regresivo" and countless songs that are part of the musical history of Gilberto Santa Rosa's 40 years, will be the protagonists of an authentic and memorable night.

Locos por la Música
The third edition in Fuengirola to offer once again the best of pop and rock Spanish music from the 80s and 90s. A unique opportunity to dance to the best songs of your life in the best company and in an incomparable setting.

Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a tour of all the main cities in Spain. The Muñoz Brothers will be singing many of the hits from their albums, Destrangis, La calle es tuya?, Voces de Ultratumba, Allenrok, Estopa X, etc.

Niña Pastori
Niña Pastori returns, for her third time at Marenostrum Fuengirola (2021 and 2022), this time to present her latest album "Camino". The famous flamenco singer recognised for her lyrics and dedication and passion of her performances.

Contemporary music and dance festivals in Andalucia


Castle of Sohail, Calle Tartesios s/n, Fuengirola.


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