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Cuidadanos is relatively new party whose origins lie in Catalunia as a platform of intellectuals who felt they were not represented by the traditional parties. On 7th June 2005 they presented their first manifesto and their objective to form a political party. In July 2006 they celebrated their first congress. The party presented at the Catalan elections on 1 November 2010 and gained 3 seats, by the 2012 election the C's support had grown to 9 seats. Nationally C's have 350 groups, and 75,000 registered members and 2 MEPs.

Juan Marin 52, is deputy mayor of Sanlucar de Barrameda where the C's have governed in coalition since 2007 with the socialists. Juan is the only candidate in the 2012 campaign happy to talk about pacts. He was elected as presidential candidate by the party without opposition.

This centre-right party stands for transparency and openness, it supports business. Its Andalucian priorities are to clean Andalucia from corruption, create employment, regenerate the politics. In the public administration reduction in salary of politicians and remove rights of ‘cargo de confianza' (civil servants appointed by politicians).

They want to remove the provincial governments and combine town hall of less than 5000 inhabitants. At regional level, the C's want to clarify which powers belong to which department, control administration costs and limit borrowing, reduce the political structure, oblige governments to solve the day to day problems of citizens, and expand the potential collaboration between the autonomous governments and the state.

2015 Election

At the time of the 2015 election. This party was unknown in the south although they claim a structure in 200 municipalities and having 1500 members. In 2015 they won 9 seats in Andalalucia, forming a coalition with PSOE.

2018 Election

They enjoyed further successes in 2018 when they won 21 seats, forming a coilition with PP.

2022 Election

However, in Andalucia's last elections in 2022, they won no seats with only 3.3% of the popular vote. This demonstrated once again the dangers of being the minority party in a two party coalition. Juan Marin the C's leader was offered various posts in the winnig PP governemnt but declined.

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