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Juan Manuel Moreno, 55, was also fighting his first Andalucia election. Juan Manuel was born in Alhaurin el Grande and emigrated to Cataluña with his family as an infant. He returned to study psychology at Malaga University. He became a PP councilor in Malaga town hall in 1995 and an Andalucia parliamentarian the following year. He was elected leader of the PP Andalucia in 2014.

The PP is the traditional opposition party in Andalucia. Either Teofila Martinez or Javier Arenas led the party from 1996 to 2012. In the 2008 election Javier obtained 38,5% of the vote and 47 seats and in the 2012 elections the PP secured its best result ever 40,7% of the vote and 50 seats, 3 more than the PSOE. Five of the eight provinces were coloured blue for the first time. Arenas stepped down following the 2012 elections and was replaced by Juan Ignacio Zoido, now Mayor of Seville, for two years, and then by Juan Manuel Moreno in February 2014.

2015 election

Juan Manuel Moreno had only been in office a year when he faced the March 2015 election and was not well-known or even recognized by most of the electorate. On the other hand he did not have the over-privileged ‘señorito' image of Javier Arenas disliked by many. He has toed the party line and not been outspoken (for better or worse). The austerity policy of the PP national government lead by Mariano Rajoy has not been popular in Andalucia and there is little party infrastructure in the villages of rural Andalucia.

The party held a number of large and successful rallies in the large conference centres of the cities of Andalucia and on the coast. President Rajoy has attended many in support.

The policy is similar to those of the national government - austerity to solve the crisis, careful management, facilitate private enterprise and support industry. Although Moreno promises ‘to come and solve the problems of Andalucia' and that ‘22M will be the beginning of an new political spring in Andalucia' and ‘the next PP government will comprise more women than men', he is also critical of the present government's corruption scandals and management, citing debts and delayed payments in schools, health service and small business. In 2015 the PP won 33 seats in Andalucia.

In the December 2018 called three months earlier that the usual four year term they dropped to 26 seats. However the PP formed a coalition government with the C's after signing a 48 point plan.

In the June 2022 Manuel Moreno following a sound management of the Covid Pandemic more than doubled the PPs seats to 58. This majority abled the PP govern Andalucia alone for the first time in history.

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