Cala Mijas Festival 2024 (to be confirmed)

Cala Mijas Festival 2024 - 28th to 31st August 2024 - to be confirmed

Cala Mijas Festival 2024

The organisors (Last Tour) of the Cala Mijas festival announced at the end of the 2023 edition that the dates of the third Cala Mijas Festival 2024 will be same weekend, Thursday 28th August to Saturday 30th August 2024.

However at the end of March 2024 there are still no artists announced for 2024 (last year's edition artists were announced on 15-Nov-2022) and ticket sales have not opened yet.

Mijas Town Hall, which changed government in autumn 2023 from PSOE to PP, only approved its 2024 budget on 27th December 2023. This budget included a "3m € annual for this [La Cala Mijas] festival during 2022, 2023 and the next in 2024". This refers to income from the rental of the festival site including two retrospective years. This income would significantly alter the balance of the municipal subsidy for the festival, given that a sponsorship agreement was signed between Mijas Town Council and the promoters Last Tour in 2021. Under this sponsorship agreement, the Town Council undertook to pay 6.6 million euros over five years with the aim of promoting the "Mijas" brand as the sole sponsor of the event. Clearly there are ongoing tough economic negotiation between the current council team and the festival promotors.

The only clue to posible artists is the Meo Kalorama festival in Lisbon which takes place the same weekend and is also organised by Last Tour. Several of the headline artist performing at La Cala in 2023 (Florence and the Machine, Arcade Fire, Foals, Siouxie) were also at Meo Kaloram 2023.

March 2024 update

This now looks worse for tourists festival goers who have booked travel and accommodation in Mijas based on the announced dates of the 2024 festival.

The Mijas Council meeting held on 01-03-2024 included discussion about the council's non-payment of seven invoices totaling 952,875 euros issued by last Tour (festival propmotors) between Jan and July 2023 to the council as part of the agreement for the promotion of Mijas by the festival. These invoices corresponded to the 2023 edition of the festival, and is surprising that the 2023 editioin went ahead. It was decided to hold a special council session to discuss this non payment and of other invoices issued since August 2023 bringing the total to 1.2m €. as of 27-03-2027 this special council meeting has not taken place.

The current Mayoress of Mijas stated that the payment problem was not being able to audit the invoices. The Municipal Interventor (Auditor) had complained that the invoices had not been accounted for during the term of the previous pre-September 2023 government. The inventor had also raised other issues dating back to 2022 when the council prepared the festival site; suggesting it was work which the should have been carried out by the festival promoter not the council. Additionally the council has made no charge for the use of the festival site which it is legally required to do.

Mayoress of Mijas also stated that according to the contact, the 2024 festival line-up should have been presented by the promoter to the council for approval; this has still not happened.

The leader of the opposition, who was mayor pre-September 2023 has said little in detail to answer the allegations. He expressed his doubts about the intentions of the current PP government team "I think that you don't really want to hold the festival, because the one who promoted it was another [PSOE] government team.....what you are looking for is to try to muddle the issue so that the festival will not be held this year."

The leader of the opposition, who was mayor before September 2023, has stated that the work carried out by the council was justified because the site was intended to be multi-purpose and not just for the Cala Mijas festival.

As time marches on, the 2024 Cala Mijas Festival looks less and less likely. Certainly nothing as grand as the first two editions. None of this is mentioned on the festival's official website, where the dates are still being announced. Any tourists who book their holiday specifically for this weekend with the festival in mind may be disappointed.

The promoters, Last Tour have not made any public comment.

This page last updated 27-03-2024.


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