Valle de Abdalajis

The delightful village of Valle de Abdalajis is located in the southern part of the Antequera district in Málaga province and covers about 21 square kilometers. This is a mountain-side village, perched at 340 meters above sea level is set against the impressive backdrop of the Penibética range that rises above its whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets.

This area is ideal for rural living, a quiet holiday spent trekking, cycling, climbing, even just relaxing. On the other hand - if you're looking for adventure - hang gliding is also an option. In fact, the latter is so popuplar in this area that many call this the "Flight Capital" of Málaga, and aficionados from around the world come here to practice their favourite sport and enjoy the peaceful views that stretch out over the Guadalhorce Valley to the Mediterranean sea. It is within an hours drive from Malaga International Airport. It is aslo close to the village of Alora and the El Choro lakes.

In reality, the idyllic views of the traditional Spanish countryside are well preserved throughout this area, with vast olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see. Cereals are also a major crop and many a field is dedicated to cultivating them in this area, adding to the strong, agricultural flavour to the ambience. Peace, quiet and clean, rural air are all trademarks of this down to earth paradise.

Valle de Abdalajis has a long and varied history as well, which is proven by the rich archeological finds in this area. It seems that everyone from the Romans to the Phoenicians to the Arabs and more, passed through and left their mark on the area. The village's name is thought to have come from the Arab who founded it: Abd-el-Aziz.