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Beach life in Conil de la Frontera

Conil de la Frontera - Beaches

Conil de la Frontera has a number of fine beaches, including many sheltered coves, or calas. The most popular one for families, and closest to the town centre is La Fontanilla. Here is our guide to the beaches and coves, from north to south.

Playa Roche

Located in front of the Roche urbanization, between Playa del Puerco and Cala Encendida, this semi-urban beach of two kilometers is mainly frequented by the local residents. The beach has been awarded a blue flag for its excellent facilities which include: lifeguards, boardwalks, toilets, showers, plenty of parking (near the Torre del Puerco) and a chiringuito.

Cala Encendida

Encendida cove is the first in a series of sheltered calas known as 'Las Calas de Roche' (also known as 'Calas de Poniente') due to their proximity to the town of the same name and is renowned for the beauty of its colours. The small beach is just 75m long with a width of 30m and boasts light brown sand, very different to the bright white of other beaches on the Costa de la Luz. The site is popular with naturists as the rocks offer a lot of privacy. There are no facilities except one restaurant on top of the cliffs.

Cala Aspero

This small sheltered beach is recognisable by the spectacular mass of rocks in the centre of it. The beach can be reached through the Roche urbanization and there is a carpark at the top of the cliffs with steps leading to the sand. Beware as there is a very high tide here. There are no facilities.

Cala Pato

This cove has just 60m of fine white sand backed by red cliffs. It is favoured by those who enjoy naturism. There are no facilities. Park in the car park at nearby Cala Aspero and take the steps over the cliff.

Cala (Tia Juan de) Medina

One of the most beautiful nudist coves on the Conil coast. The beach is made up of dark golden sand and pebbles. To reach the beach, leave the Roche urbanization by the tarmac road and you will reach two parking areas. From here there are wooden steps down the cliffs to the sand. There are no facilities here.

Cala del Frailecillo

This is the last and smallest of the Calas de Roche. Surrounded by rocks and pine trees, naturism is popular here. There are also rocks which make perfect a perfect location for fishing. It is located next to the Cabo Roche where there is a lighthouse and a viewpoint. The beach can be accessed on foot from the carpark at Cala Medina. There are no facilities here.

Cala del Aceite

Cala del Aceite is located close to Conil port and is one of the biggest and well-known of the coves thanks to its wide crescent of white sand. The beach boasts clear blue waters and is protected by surrounding red cliffs on top of which are pine forests. The pretty beach is just 270 metres in length with a width of 25 metres and is very popular with those who enjoy naturism. There aren't many facilities here except lifeguards, a red cross post and a carpark near the main road. From here there are steps down the cliffs to the beach.

Cala Melchor - Pitones - Sudario

These three tranquil coves have around 600 metres of sand between them. They are difficult to access, so it is necessary to take care, however this means that they are very quiet and secluded, perfect for nudism. The water is invitingly clear. There are no facilities here.

Cala Camacho

Located close to the Urbanisation Fuente del Gallo, Cala Camacho also know as Playa Cala Puntalejo is very popular with naturists. The 400 metre long beach has fairly coarse golden sand and is backed by cliffs. At the extreme north end of the beach there is a cove to explore at the bottom of the cliffs, opposite which there is also an old WW2 bunker. The beach can be reached via the Quinto stream which meets the coast here. There are no facilities except parking, up by the cypress trees.

Fuente del Gallo

Playa Fuente del Gallo is one of the most popular beaches in Conil for windsurfing due to the strong winds there. The tranquil beach stretches for one kilometre and is backed by steep cliffs. There are a few facilities including toilets, showers, a few beach bars and lifeguards, with some parking nearby. Beware that at high tide the entire beach is covered in water, so check the tide times!

La Fontanilla

Playa La Fontanilla is the most popular beach for families in this area as it is directly in front of the town center with a paseo maritimo. It is a beautiful wide sweep of white sand backed by sand dunes (in the northern part) that stretches for around 2km. There is a moderate tide. The beach is fully equipped with showers, toilets, changing rooms, a red cross post, lifeguards during the summer, sun loungers and parasols for hire and parking.

Los Bateles

Playa Los Bateles is a continuation from the southern part of La Fontanilla and is the main emblamatic urban beach for Conil. This tranquil beach is very popular with families and is easily accessed from a long paseo maritimo via boardwalks which are illuminated at night. Thanks to fairly strong winds here it is also popular with wind surfers, like many beaches on this coastline. It boasts fine golden sand and plenty of vegetation on the interior side. There are also dunes and pine trees that can be reached by crossing the bridge over the Río Salado which meets the sea at this point. The beach is well-equipped with excellent facilities such as showers, toilets, lifeguards, several nearby restaurants, parking, sun loungers and parasols to hire and has been awarded a blue flag award. There is a large car park. 

Playa Bateles, Conil
Playa Bateles, Conil


Playa Castilnovo is a practically untouched rural beach with strong winds that make perfect windsurfing conditions. It is a continuation of Los Bateles and the ancient Torre de Castilnovo is a landmark situated halfway along the beach. Castilnovo is one of the less frequented beaches of the area as it has no facilities and is difficult to access for the vegetation and fields behind the beach. There is access from either end, the footbridge over the Rio Salado from the north and El Palmar Beach at the southern end. Castilnovo can sometimes be a dangerous beach due to the high winds and strong waves, so you need to be extra cautious here.

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