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Alternative Operators: Indirect Access for Cheaper Calls

Although there are some regional and national fixed-line providers in Andalucia, the previously state owned monopoly, Telefónica, is still the main provider of the basic telephone line and is still the choice of almost 90% of users. Over recent years new companies have emerged, trying to bite into Telefónica’s hold on the market. Although there are sometimes complicated tariff systems, a lot of money can be saved by switching to an alternative provider.

The Choice of Cheap Call Provider

When choosing a reduced cost call provider, it is best to shop around to consider what suits your needs. Look into the different call rates for local, provincial, national and international calls. For example, most companies offer a flat rate (Tarifa plana), which is good if you use the phone a lot and easier to understand when the bill arrives. With the growth of competition, Telefónica has introduced some special offers and packages to encourage users to stay with them. However it is really worth checking out the various rates per minute and comparing them to the best Telefónica call charges and big savings can be made.

Providers that offer discounted call rates can be accessed by adding a given four digit prefix (10 - -). Once you have signed a contract with one of these companies, you then dial the four figure number before the phone number you call and you will be charged the time incurred by the discount call company. In some cases, an automatic set up is offered so that all your calls include the prefix. However, some people have different agreements with companies for national and international calls and so you will be using different prefixes depending on the call. Basic charges and line rental will still be charged by Telefónica and you will be billed by the discount call provider separately.

It is worth noting that Telefónica is the only company in Spain that is bound by law to leave their network open to competitors in this field. If you do decide to swim against the tide and have a telephone line installed by another company, you will find yourself tied to that company and will be unable to use any of its competitors’ indirect services.

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