Restaurants in Almeria

Amazing views - Restaurants in Almeria © Kisacar
Amazing views - Restaurants in Almeria © Kisacar


Almeria has an abundance of restaurants, tapas bars and cafés offering delicious food and snacks at reasonable prices. Like many places in Andalusia, a lot of tapas bars in Almeria serve a small tapas dish with every round of drinks or drink ordered. Restaurant quality in the city can vary. The best place for reasonably priced restaurants and bars is around the Puerta de Purchena end of Paseo de Almeria. In the old town you can find many good bars and cafes near to the Town Hall.

Restaurante Bodega Bellavista
Lunch & Dinner. Andalusian cuisine specializing in fresh seafood, fish and shellfish. Baby kid is also recommended.
Address: Urbanización Bella Vista. 04130, Almería.
Opening Times: Monday-Sunday, 11:00-23:00hrs.
Tel: 950 29 7156. 

La Mala Tortillería
With the music constantly playing thanks to an eclectic playlist that ranges from salsa to rock to electronic music, entering La Mala Tortillería is entering the world of Tura Satana, a Japanese actress turned into a classic of the United States B cinema of the 60s.
The house specialty are the tortillas (omlettes). The most requested is truffle, but there is also gorgonzola cheese, octopus, sea urchins and seaweed ... up to 15 varieties for a menu that is completed with a raw food kitchen. From there come ceviches (such as scallops or swordfish), steak tartare, tataki or tuna sashimi. The same partners opened
La Mala Croquetería, serving homemade croquettes of many kinds. Two great options to savor Almería in another way.
Address (La Mala Tortillería): Calle Martínez Almagro, 6
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday, 12:00-16:00hrs and 20:00-01:00hrs
Tel: 693 71 22 02
Address (La Mala Croquetería): Calle Gabriel Callejón, 10
Opening Times: Tuesday-Saturday, 13:00-16:00hrs and 20:00-00:00hrs
Sunday and Monday, 20:00-00:00hrs.
Tel: 619 35 08 16

Restaurante Club de Mar
Seafront restaurant with spectacular views through glass windows. Fish, seafood and bouillabaisse are the specialities of the house.
Address: Calle Ángel Jover, 1
Opening Times: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 13:00-01:00hrs
Tel: 950 23 50 48

An authentic gastronomic trip to the East without leaving Almeria. The Arab cuisine has the leading role here, but also the Mediterranean, with which the salads or the grilled octopus share the menu with the classic North African dishes such as the harira soup or the eggplant zaelouk. The restaurant also organizes various events and shows that also help to learn about some aspects of Arab culture.
Address: Calle Antonio Cano, 28
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday, 13:30-17:00hrs and 20:15-23:30hrs
Tel: 950 53 06 36

Taberna Nuestra Tierra
Arguably the best tapas bar in Almeria, Taberna Nuestra Tierra is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Free tapas with drink orders. 
Address: Calle Jovellanos, 16
Opening Times: Monday-Friday, 07:30-16:00hrs
Saturday and Sunday, 12:00-16:00hrs
Tel: 679 89 74 32

Manuela Marbacoa y Braseria
The base of their gastronomic offer is on local products, traditional recipes and certain touches of renewal. Grilled razor clams, oysters and other seafood are combined on the menu with classic fish such as gallo pedro, grilled red mullet or different meats: from marinated ribs to Mozarabic chicken or even a rich fideuá. Look out for the suggestions of the day and the daily menu.
Address: Calle Felipe II, 82
Opening Times: Monday-Sunday, 12:00-18:00hrs
Tel: 950 88 27 89

Restaurante Casa Sevilla
Serving traditional Mediterranean and Andalusian food.
Address: Galería Comercial Almericentro, Calle Rueda López
Opening Times: Monday-Sunday, 13:30-18:00hrs
Tel:  950 27 29 12

In this local tavern you do not have to wait for innovative techniques, or elaborations that involve dozens of ingredients; it’s just about real flavor, good treatment of the product and an exquisite taste for pairings. Excellent hams and cheeses, raft tomato, broken eggs with cabrales cheese or oxtail croquettes are just part of a classic menu where there is also room for products such as wagyu carpaccio, duck cannelloni or vegetable crepes. To accompany the meal they have a great selection of manzanilla from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, various finos from Jerez or various red wines from Almeria.
Address: Calle Francisco García Góngora, 11
Opening Times: Tuesday-Sunday, 13:00-16:00 and 20:30-00:00hrs
Tel: 950 25 75 61

Bringing the Castilian flavours to eastern Andalusia, the restaurant specializes in Avila meats, specifically Avileño-Negro Ibérico, a breed of beef native to Spain that is perfectly pampered here. The Avila entrecote is joined by presa (Iberian pork), lamb chops or venison, which are accompanied by Nebraska Black Angus or the wagyu loin as an international contribution.
Address: Calle Costa Balear, 16
Opening Times: 13:00-16:00hrs and 20:30-23:00hrs
Tel: 950 62 55 00


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