Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus marina and the Concha mountain © Michelle Chaplow
Puerto Banus marina and the Concha mountain

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is located in the Nueva Andalucia suburb of Marbella, 6km to the west of Marbella town centre, near the town of San Pedro de Alcantara.

Although it may at first appear as a developed old Spanish fishing village, Puerto Banus was in fact designed and built in 1970 by local property developer José Banús as a tourist complex with marina and shopping complex.

Puerto Banús is known as Costa del Sol's playground for the rich and wealthy that come for the beaches, the beach clubs and the buzzing nightlife. The shops and restaurants reflect this expensive lifestyle, with plenty of designer names can be seen in Puerto Banus and the newer shopping areas nearby. If you enjoy people-watching you'll never be short. If sports cars and big boats are more your thing there are also plenty of Ferraris and luxury yachts to admire. 

If you’re lucky enough to own property in Puerto Banus, people are generally intrigued and impressed. Puerto Banus is a leisure destination with a certain cachet. It offers nightlife, shopping and… More →

Puerto Banus, part of the larger and better known Marbella, has a wide variety of self-catering apartments to choose from. Puerto Banus apartments are luxurious and do not come cheaply and offer… More →

Many visitors choose to stay in nearby Marbella as there is a large selection of accommodation and it is better known. However, Puerto Banus has a great selection of places to stay and if it is… More →

Although Puerto Banús marina maintains the illusion of being a developed old Spanish fishing village, the complex was in fact designed and built in 1970. The tourist complex comprising the marina… More →

More visitors rent cars in Spain than any other European country. Car rental in Spain is the least expensive in Europe due to the strong competition and on the Costa del Sol car rental is no… More →

See below for a selection of private group or family excursions from Puerto Banus. A perfect opportunity to see the main attractions in Andalucia without the hassle of organising it yourself.

Puerto Banus tourist office is located near the marina in Plaza Antonio Banderas. It is a modern looking building opposite McDonalds on the corner of Avenida de Julio Iglesias and Calle Jos'e… More →

Selection of group excursions from Puerto Banus , perfect opportunities to see the major attractions in Andalucia without the hassle of having to organise it yourself.

On the beach side of the N340 coast road, between the Rio Guadaliza and the Rio Verde, are several districts of Puerto Banus. Azalea Beach is the name of the modern macro-community of a dozen or… More →

Puerto Banus has plenty of restaurants to choose from, mainly located around the marina, offering a fantastic location to enjoy your meal whilst looking out over the Mediterranean and admiring the… More →

If sitting with a drink in the marina people-watching isn't enough, why not try something else in Puerto Banús. Boat Trip, for those that don't fancy taking the bus back to Marbella, or simply… More →

Puerto Banús marina is without doubt the main sight of this town. With space for over 900 boats, this is where the rich and famous, including the King of Saudi Arabia, moor their impressive yachts… More →

Marbella is one of the most famous places in Europe for its glamorous nightlife scene, however, many of the most exclusive venues can be found in Puerto Banus. Although Puerto Banus is in no way… More →

Despite being fairly small in size, Puerto Banus is a haven for shop-a-holics. With everything from one of the biggest Corte Inglés department stores in Spain and plenty of highstreet names, to… More →

Puerto Banus is located on the Costa del Sol between Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara, just off the Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7 road. It is easy to reach by car. If driving from San Pedro in… More →

Puerto Banus is well-known for its two luxury beach clubs: Sala Beach and Ocean Club Marbella. And they really are luxury: think champagne parties, lounging on beds by an inviting blue pool while… More →

Puerto Banús is home to three beaches: Playa Nueva Andalucia, Playa Puerto Banus (also known as Playa de Levante) and Playa del Rio Verde. The three beaches are all very different from each other… More →

There is not a bus station in Puerto Banus, however the centre is served by Marbella's local urbano buses. There is a bus stop on the far side of the A-7 (cross under the bridge) for stopping… More →

You may struggle to find ´budget´hostels and accomodation in Puerto Banus itself. But a short distance away in the nearby town of San Pedro or Marbella there are plenty to choose from. These… More →

Most visitors come to Puerto Banus not just for the nightlife but also for fabulous beaches. You can choose from a number of hotels, aparthotels and suites located a short walk to the beach, with… More →

Few resorts can beat the glamour and sophistication of Puerto Banus, and its luxury hotels are as slick as you would expect for a town that attracts the international jetset, with sumptuous… More →

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