Tapas Bars

 Eating tapas in a restaurant
Tapas are a social event

Tapas Bars

"Granada is one of the last towns in Spain where you still get a free tapa with every glass of wine or beer. We have our earliest record of this marvellous tradition from King Alfonso 10th "El Sabio" (whose wisdom extended also to music and poetry, as lovers of the cantigas de Santa Maria are well aware).

Alfonso advocated always nibbling some food while drinking wine; and several centuries later another great monarch, King Felipe II, went so far as to pass a royal decree requiring tavern keepers to accompany each glass of wine with a tapa or "cover" - a round slice of sausage served on top of the glass like a lid - to reduce public drunkenness. Of course, this excellent habit is still the reason why one rarely sees a drunk Spaniard, even though they drink virtually around the clock"



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