Cafes & Tapas Bars in Torremolinos

So many tapas bars to choose from in Torremolinos © Michelle Chaplow
So many tapas bars to choose from in Torremolinos


by Tony Bryant

Torremolinos has long been known for its selection of fashionable bars and eateries. Some of the first cafés and bars designed to cater for visiting tourists opened here. See Torremolinos History.  Obviously times have changed since the swinging 60s and 70s, when Torremolinos was the playground of the rich and famous, and many of the nostalgic old establishments have given way to twentieth century developers.

Those seeking a more traditional experience will find the most traditional Andalusian style taverns and wine bars tucked away in the tranquil plazas and winding side streets. 

El Calvario district

El Calvario, the town's old quarters, is a must for the visitor who wants to enjoy the relaxing ambience of a post card image of Torremolinos.

Tapas bars and bodegas can be found on every corner, and most have walls adorned with photographs and newspaper cuttings depicting the towns past history.

The Calle Rafael Quintana Rosado, the main road through El Calvario, has many places of interest and all are reasonably priced with tapas ranging from one to three euros.

One will find Bar La Fuente, Bar La Bahia and Bar La Botica; three traditional Spanish café bars that usually offer a free tapa to accompany ones beverage, but those with an appetite will be spoilt for choice with the vast range of tapas and snacks available on the menu.

The Plaza Federico García Lorca, situated in front of the town hall, has vinotecas, cervecerias and taperias, and these all offer an extensive choice of classic Andalusian dishes.

Those who enjoy caracoles (snails) should visit Bar La Caracoles in Calle Jamaica. This bar, which is located at the top-end of El Calvario,  has a reputation for serving the best snails in Torremolinos, and the fact that it is so popular with the locals seems to endorse this status.

Immediately next door, one will find Los Secreteos de mi Tierra, and, as its name might suggest, the menu is based around the most emblematic and flavorsome dishes of the Andalusian villages.

Venison, wild boar and pheasant are all featured in the tapas menu, and a variety of goats cheeses and Iberian products are claimed to be among the best in Andalusia. 

Their house specialties include berejenas con miel  (fried aubergines with honey), and fabada, a rich bean stew with chorizo, black pudding and pork.   They also hold a wide range of wines from Rioja, Ribera, Albariños and Cadiz.

Centre District

There are numerous long-established tapas bars and cafes in the heart of the town as well, although one will have to wander away from the Calle San Miguel to find the better ones.

The Plaza Picasso has several decent bars including Mesón El Tapeo, where free tapas are served with beverages.

This square also houses Katuca, one of the town's most popular churreria and chocolateria. This café is renowned for churros, deep fried sugary dough that is dunked in a cup of thick drinking chocolate.

The Plaza Costa del Sol is lined with pavement cafes that serve breakfast snacks, ice cream and tapas, and this square has recently re-established itself as the thriving heart of the town.

The gourmet market and restaurant area dedicated to the 'Sabor a Málaga' food promotional brand opened its doors to the public in the summer of 2021.

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Torremolinos has long been known for its selection of fashionable bars and eateries. Some of the first cafés and bars designed to cater for visiting tourists opened here. See Torremolinos History… More →


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