Spring 2024 Newsletter

Andalucia.com Newsletter Spring 2024
Andalucia.com Newsletter Spring 2024
Spring in Andalucia 2024
Spring in Andalucia 2024

Spring 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to spring in Andalucia, a delightful season of blossom-filled landscapes and cultural celebrations!

Embrace the pleasant temperatures and explore the countryside and uncrowded beaches. Be captivated by the traditional spring festivals from Sevilla´s vibrant Feria de Abril to the solemn Semana Santa processions.

Discover the favourite spring destinations and celebrations selected by our local Andalucia.com experts.

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Discover Andalucia

Grazalema (c) Michelle Chaplow


Grazalema is a pretty whitewashed village nestled in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park.

Immerse yourself in a landscape combining rolling green hills and craggy limestone peaks, with meandering streams. The Sierra de Grazalema boasts the highest rainfall in Spain and in spring is a treasure trove of wild flowers. A typical Andalucian village with narrow cobblestone streets lined with tapas bars and artisan shops. Grazalema is known for traditional woollen blankets and there is still a workshop producing wool textiles and accessories, other local produce includes honey and the famous Payoyo sheep and goat's cheese.

Spring is the ideal season to enjoy the activities in the nearby Natural Park such as horse-riding, mountain-biking and rock-climbing with panoramic views.

Aracena is worth exploring with its historic streets, a castle, churches and squares. Don´t miss the underground “Gruta de las Maravillas” or the “Museo del Jamón”.


Festivals in Andalucia

Semana Santa (c) Michelle Chaplow
Semana Santa

Semana Santa

Holy Week Traditions

Immerse yourself in the heart of Southern Spain's rich religious and cultural heritage during the annual Semana Santa celebrations. Discover solemn processions and the plaintive sound of the music that accompanies them. Andalucia comes alive in a memorable display of tradition and fervour. Witness ornate pasos adorned with religious icons making their way through the streets of villages and towns, carried by devoted locals and accompanied by nazarenos dressed in sombre vestments. The air is filled with the scent of incense, and the haunting sounds of saetas echo through historic cities and villages alike. Read about the processions and find more details about the Holy Week celebrations here.


Festivals in Andalucia

Seville Feria (c) iStock
Seville Feria

Feria de Abril

Spring festivities in Sevilla

Spring in Sevilla is embodied in the scent of orange blossom and jasmine and just two weeks after the traditional Holy Week processions the city explodes with the sights and sounds of the Feria de Abril. This annual Spring celebration is a week-long social whirl, with dancing, eating and drinking extend throughout the night, with working hours inevitably disrupted. Over 1,000 casetas, private tents where the revelry take place, are organized in streets in the “Real de la Feria”. Access is by invitation only so look out for the public casetas. Locals are dressed in traditional costume - flamenca dresses for ladies - and horse-drawn carriages parade the streets. Be sure to book accommodation and restaurants well ahead as the city is busy with visitors as well as sevillanos enjoying the festivities.


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The skirt for a virgin from Ciudad Real, lovingly restored by Francisco Carrera Iglesias, stands magnificent with its rich velvet fabric & gleaming gold embellishment. © Michelle Chaplow
The skirt for a virgin from Ciudad Real, lovingly restored by Francisco Carrera Iglesias, stands magnificent with its rich velvet fabric & gleaming gold embellishment.

Gold Embroidery
Francisco Carrera

A centuries old tradition continues down the narrow streets of the heart of Sevilla in the gold embroidery workshop of Francisco Carrera Iglesias. A master embroiderer, Francisco works with a small, highly skilled team creating embellished designs for fashion houses and intricate artisan goldwork for religious vestments used in Holy Week processions.

Francisco is an expert in restoring ecclesiastical garments as well as being a creative designer working on collections for top Spanish fashion brands. We met up with him in Sevilla, where he shared his story and passion for this unique Spanish craft.


Sport in Andalucia

Sun and Snow Festival Sierra Nevada
Sun and Snow Festival Sierra Nevada

Sun and Snow Festival

5th -7th April 2004 Sierra Nevada

This April the resort of Sierra Nevada plays host to the fifth edition of the Sun&Snow Weekend Festival . Now well established in the dance music calendar, this year´s line-up includes Courtsey from Copenhagen, who combines music, performance and installation; DJ Holographic from Detroit who will be mixing techno, funk and house; and John Talabot from Barcelona, Jimi Jules from Zurich, and Trikk from Lisbon; and many more over the weekend. Three different venues at two locations include The Altitude Stage, an outdoor terrace stage at the Borreguiles ski station only accessible by cable car.

The festival takes place from 5th to 7th April 2024. Click 'Read More' below for more details and purchase tickets.


Gastronomy in Andalucia

Almond Blossom (c) Michelle Chaplow
Almond Blossom


Seasonal almonds are a delicious and healthy element of the Mediterranean diet.

Almonds have been used in Andalucian cuisine for centuries. As the blossom of early spring fades the almonds start to grow and ripen, ready to be harvested in late summer. These nuts are packed with vitamin E and healthy fats, and feature in both sweet and savoury recipes. Apart from the Marcona and Desmayo Largueta varieties, which are cultivated throughout the region there are many lesser known varieties grown locally, depending on the geography and climate of the area. Fresh or roasted almonds are often found in farmers' markets, while chopped or ground almonds are available in supermarkets together with fried and salted alternatives. Try one of the local recipes or just enjoy them freshly peeled for a healthy snack.



Monument to Discoverer Faith (c) Michelle Chaplow
Monument to Discoverer Faith


Discover more Fascinating Facts about Huelva.

Huelva may be one of the lesser known cities in Andalucia but it has a fascinating history and a close association with Christopher Colombus, who set off on his voyages to the New World from nearby. Discover the legacy of British miners and engineers attracted by Huelva province's mineral riches and the mysterious story of the “Man Who Never Was” at the city's cemetery.


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