Fishing in Andalucia

Fly fishing

Fishing in Andalucia

The Atlantic and Mediterranean shorelines are ideal for fishing and many of the local marinas provide everything required for a day of open sea fishing.



A maritime recreational fishing licence (1st and 2rd Class) is required for fishing from the shore or from a boat near the coast. It is obtainable from the offices of the Delegación Provincial de la Conserjeria de Agricultura y Pesca. There is one office in each of the provincial capital cities (see more information below).

Fishing for swordfish is a spectacular experience and has been immortalised in several feature films. You can try your hand at this sport from July to September off the coasts of Almería, Granada and Málaga, as well as in the Bay of Cádiz.

There is also tunny fishing in the open sea. The tunny swim so near the surface in the summer that they become visible. There are tunny fishing grounds at Barbate, Zahara or Conil in Cádiz and Isla Cristina in Huelva. Likewise, frigate mackerel, sea bass and seabream. As well you can find some species of shark. True enthusiasts will compete for various trophies awarded by competitions organised throughout summer. Amateurs can also try their luck as well; enquire at your local marina.

Manilva is a popular area for fishing from the sea off the coast due to the abundance of marine life found in this area. This is mainly due to the constant in flow of water from the Atlantic Ocean to make up for the evaporation from the Mediterranean. This mix of waters seems to create an ideal environment to encourage marine life to flourish.

Bottom fishing off the coast of Manilva is also very popular with some fantastic grounds. Only 10 minuets from the Port of Duquesa species such as sea Breams, Wrasse, Snapper, Grouper, Tope and Eels. You can also see Congers, Moraines and practice jigging to fish for squid and mackerel.

Trolling or game fishing is possibly the most exciting type of fishing to be enjoyed in this area with Bass, Bonito, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) and Swordfish available for the catching. Blue fin Tuna are also frequent in these waters. There is a spring run of small Tuna about 60 lb then during August, September and October the larger tuna (150lb plus) frequent local waters. Shark fishing is also popular with plenty of blue shark and the odd Mako being caught.

Fresh water fishing & angling

Fishing in rivers and dams in Andalucía is also a popular sport, where trout, pike and black bass are found, as well as the ciprinidae family, including barbel and carp. Trout fishing is the most attractive to anglers, owing to its difficulty, no doubt. There are 64 fishing preserves in the Nature Parks of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and in Sierra Nevada

Rio Frio

Rio Frio merits a special mention. It is a small town between Málaga and Granada, just off the motorway in the foothills of the Sierra de Loja. Trout fishing here is recorded back as far as 1664, and in recent times there have been record catches with brown trout up to 5.2kg. The season lasts all year round here. Rio Frio is a popular tourist destination, with barbecued trout served at the many roadside restaurants.

Information and permits from:

Alberge de Pescadores de Rio Frio
Riviera de Rio Frio s/n
18300 Loja
Tel: 958 323 177


There are different types of licenses to fish from the shore, with a boat, or spearfishing. In addition to possessing this license, the people who carry out this activity must respect a series of restrictions regarding the volume of catches, the minimum sizes, the seasons and the species allowed. More>