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Estepona Murals are a work in progress - photo from Estepona Town Hall
Estepona Murals are a work in progress - photo from Estepona Town Hall
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By Marianne Hill

‘La Ruta de Murales Artísticos de Estepona’ (Estepona’s Route of Artistic Murals) is an incentive implemented by the local council and the mayor, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano that was started in September 2012. The route is just one part of a local rejuvenation project.

The objective was to improve and enliven some of Estepona’s forgotten or neglected neighbourhoods and it was hoped that the series of murals that are spread across the town would put Estepona on the tourist map and make it a cultural destination. It was clearly a successful initiative and looking at the wide variety of murals it is clear to see why tourists and residents alike are eager to follow the route and view each of the murals.

The Tourist Office has published a map that shows where the murals are located. This is occasionally update to include the newest murals and so consequently the most recent artworks might not yet be represented on the Tourist Office map. Listed below are the murals presented in chronological order.

the murals

La VenusLa Venus

‘La Venus' can be found in the Barriada Mar y Sierra. It is 120 m2 and was created by Ana Cecilia Salinas in September 2012.

Estepona BermejaEstepona Bermeja

Estepona Bermeja’ is in the Barriada de Los Televisores and is the second work by Ana Cecilia Salinas.. Estepona Bermeja a thirty metre high mural. It is an allegorical work with references to chess (the Plaza de Ajadrez is nearby). The mural is dominated by the russet red hue reminiscent of the Sierra Bermeja mountain behind Estepona.

La Casa de la Buena GenteLa Casa de la Buena Gente

La Casa de la Buena Gente’ (The House of the Good People) is by Conchi Alvarez. It is in Barriada Tres Banderas, measures 80 m2 and it was inaugurated in January 2013.

Pasen y VeanPasen y Vean

‘Pasen y Vean’ (Come and See) can be found in Calle Goya and is a collaborative work by local artist Elena Aguilera with Alejandro García and Manuel Aguilera.

Almas del MarAlmas del Mar

‘Almas del Mar’ (Souls of the Sea) can be found on Avda. San Lorenzo by local artist Blanca Larrauri

Tiempos de ClaridadTiempos de Claridad

Tiempos de Claridad’ (Times of Clarity) is the third mural by Ana Cecilia Salinas and it was created in May 2013.

La Mirada de un NiñoMadre Amorosa + La Mirada de un Niño

‘Madre Amorosa’ (Loving Mother) and ‘La Mirada de un Niño’ (The Eyes of a Child) are both by Francisco Alarcon and are located on Calle Terraza in Barriada Primavera.

Estepona Siglo 21 Estepona Siglo 21

‘Estepona Siglo 21’ (Estepona 21st Century) is located in Plaza ABC. The mural was created by Nestor Prada García and it was inaugurated in June 2013.

Fundacion Antonia GuerreroFundacion Antonia Guerrero

‘Fundacion Antonia Guerrero’ (Antonia Guerrero Foundation) is by Joaquín Fabian Aguilera Diaz and was inaugurated in October 2013.

Una Flor de FuturoUna Flor de Futuro

‘Una Flor de Futuro’ (A flower of the future) can be found on Calle Nuestra Señora in Barriada Los Remedios. This mural is by Jose Fernandez Rios and was inaugurated in November 2013.

Fishing DayFishing Day

‘Dia de Pesca’ (Fishing Day) was created in January 2017 and can be found in Barriada Isabel Simon. This is the second mural by Jose Fernandez Rios and it is one of the biggest murals in Spain.

Azul y PlataAzul y Plata

‘Azul y Plata’ (Blue and Silver) was inaugurated in April 2014 and can be found on Avenida Libertad in the Barriada Blas Infante. It depicts a seabed scene which includes sculptures of fish, jellyfish, sea urchins and seaweed made out of galvanised steel.

Azul y Mar – Emociones LiquidasAzul y Mar – Emociones Liquidas

'Azul y Mar – Emociones Liquidas’ (Blue and Sea – Liquid Emotions) is located on the wall of the Conjunto Residencial Jardines del Carmen on Calle Guadiaro. It measures 60m.sq and was created by the artist Antonio Javier Infantes Lopez.

Keep On TrackingKeep On Tracking

‘Keep On Tracking’ was inaugurated in July 2014 and is often mistakenly called Keep On Trucking. On some of the guide maps it is labelled as such but on the plaque beneath the mural it is clearly named ‘Keep On Tracking’.

Angel, El BuceadorAngel, El Buceador

‘Angel, El Buceador’ (Angel, the Diver) was created in August 2014. The mural can be found in Barriada Tres Banderas and it is a work by the French artist Eric Aman whose art work is featured in cities all around the world.


‘Salartij’ is located in Barriada Blas Infante and is the second mural by the Moraga collective comprised of inmates from the prison in Alhaurin de la Torre.

Regando el JardinRegando el Jardin

‘Regando el Jardin’ (Watering the Garden) is the third mural by Jose Fernandez Rios. It was inaugurated in November 2014 and is located on Avenida Andalucia in Barriada de las Fuerzas Armadas.

Aires de MusicaAires de Musica

‘Aires de Musica’ (Air of Music) is by the artist Blanca Larrauri and is situated in Plaza San Fernando.

La Poda de la BuganvillaLa Poda de la Buganvilla

'La Poda de la Buganvilla' (Pruning the Bougainvillea) is the fourth mural by Jose Fernandez Rios. The mural measures 300m2 and it is the biggest vertical murals in Spain.

La Huerta de IreneLa Huerta de Irene

‘La Huerta de Irene’ (Irene’s Orchard) was inaugurated in April 2015 and is a work by local artist Encarna de Hoyos.

Isa Kitty IIIsa Kitty II

Isa Kitty II Located above a hairdressing salon on Calle Calvario this mural was privately commissioned by the owner of the salon.

La Huerta de Irene4m

4m Inaugurated on the 12 June 2015, this mural is inspired by the actress Scarlett Johansson.

Sin Memoria No Hay HistoriaSin Memoria No Hay Historia

Sin Memoria No Hay Historia Located in Barriada Solis and inaugurated on 24 June 2015 this mural covers two walls on either side of a street facing onto Calle Dos de Mayo..

San Isidro LabradorSan Isidro Labrador

San Isidro Labrador Inaugurated on the 30 June 2015 this mural is dedicated to Estpona's saint, San Isidro Labrador.

Reflejos del JardinReflejos del Jardin

Reflejos del Jardin 
Reflejos del Jardin, aptly named reflections of the garden. Located on Calle Salvador Dali, this mural was commissioned to complete the Botanic Park.

Refugee ChildrenIn Memoriam
'In Memoriam' was inaugurated on 11 August 2016 and is a collaborative work by Pilar Castañon and Maria Romero. The mural was created to reflect the immigration situation being experienced in Europe.  
Quijote en el Siglo XXIQuijote en el Siglo XXI

Quijote en el Siglo XXI was inaugurated in January 2016, Quijote en el Siglo xxi commemorates the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.

6 Segundos de Oscuridad6 Segundos de Oscuridad

6 Segundos de Oscuridad, suitably, for its location, the mural depicts a 30m high lighthouse and the title refers to the time that the sea is in darkness during the time it takes for the illuminating beam of the lighthouse to revolve.

Dreams of FreedomDreams of Freedom

Antonia Guerrero - Sueño de Libertad (Dreams of Freedom) commemorates 20 years of the Antonia Guerrero educative foundation. This romantic mural depicts two figures, it embodies Antonia Guerrero in her youth and a goldfinch which symbolises her dreams of freedom.

Desde el Mar Desde el Mar

Desde el Mar (from the sea) is a 200 m2 mural by José Fernández Ríos painted on the Instituto Monterroso (Monterroso Secondary School) It is a hyperrealist architectural optical illusion. You can see a porch and a marine background with elements from the crest of Estepona. These are the sea, fishing boats, Sierra Bermeja and watchtowers. The mural can be seen from two different perspectives.

Sin Titulo Sin Titulo

An untitled work by Juanjo de San Pedro located inside Auditorio Felipe VI which can only be seen when the theatre is open to the public.

Quijote en el Guernica Quijote en el Guernica

Quijote in Guernica is by Curro Leyton and located at Colegio María Espinosa, in Calle Virgendela Cabeza.  The 12m by 6m mural revises one of the most important works of modern art. The artist commemorates the 80th anniversary of the Guernica painting by Pablo Picasso with Don Quiote. This unites in a single work two of the most important artistic symbols of Spain. It has dimensions of twelve six meters.

Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona  - 2017'
In July 2017 the 'I Concurso Internacional de Murales de Estepona'  ('Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona  - 2017')  took place.  A pre-selection of proposals from 70 artists had been evaluated in the Spring and during one week in July ten simultaneous murals were painted.  

El Bosque del la Maravillas El Bosque del la Maravillas

El Bosque del la Maravillas ( The wonderful forest) is by Zosen y Mina Hamada and located in upper part of Calle Terraza, 152. The visiting artists are form Japan and Argentina. Their works include murals, painting on material, and illustrating books. This mural won first prize in the  'Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona  - 2017'.

Hola Hola

Hola (Hello) by Edmond. Located at Colegio Ramón García on Avenida Juan Carlos I. Edmon was born in Malaga and resides in Estepona. This is the artists first mural.  This mural won first prize as young artist in the 'Inaugural International Mural Competition of Estepona  - 2017'.

Sin Titulo Sin Titulo

Untitled Mural by Efrén Calderón from Melilla. Located in Plaza Juanito Valderrama, Camino Padre Cura 6 in the Huerta Nueva district. The artist Efren has spent years in the world of graffiti.

La Imagen Vuelta La Imagen Vuelta

La Imagen Vuelta (The image returns) by Fernando Clemente is located in Avenida Andalucía, 57. Fernando was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1975 and resides in Seville. Founder member of The Richard Channin Foundation.

Paraiso Golf Paraiso Golf

Paraiso Golf (Golf Paradise) by Manuel León is located in Calle Terraza, 168 (extention of Calle Teraza in Mar y Sierra district). Manuel is an artist who prefers to work in large formats. He is in constant search for the balance between abstraction and figuration.

Musas Musas

Musas (Musings) by of Eduardo Luque Doors, also known as Lalone. This mural is located in Avenida Puerta del Mar. The mural is part of a refined style spray technique. It features elements ranging from comic to film or photograph.

La Luna La Luna

La Luna (the moon) is a mural by Malaga city artist Dadi Dreucol who studied at the Malaga school of fine arts. Dadi's works are characterized by the use of a half - naked bearded man who represents a person who is not guided by the rules.

Llegando a tu destino Llegando a tu destino

Llegando a tu destino (Arriving at your destination) is a mural by DOURONE. The artists are Fabio López (Madrid) and Elodie Arshak (Francia). Their artistic name Dourone was created when Fabio began to create graffiti in 1999 and joined up with Elodieloll in 2012.

Jump in the Blue Jump in the Blue

Jump in the Blue is a mural in Pasaje Poetas Andaluces by artist Ann Caz L, the German artist (Anne Marthe Mews) paints a refreshing mural where diverse masculine figures represent the sequence of a jump from a trampoline.

Freaks Freaks

Freaks is a mural by artista Rebelzer who is from Hamburg was born in 1977 and became an artist in 1995. Rebelezer states that to be an artist signifies the pleasure to draw my own things, such as my monsters.

Agua Agua

Agua (water) Mural in Calle Malaga, Edificio Salymar by Francisco Jesus Redondo Losada, born in Asturias in 1968. The mural measures seven metres long and two  metres high.  The artist decided to represent dolphins in the sea as a symbol of marine Estepona. This is the first mural with braille in Spain and is made from ceramic pieces.

Recuerdos Orientales Recuerdos Orientales

Recuerdos Orientales (Eastern memories) is a 600 m² mural by the hyperrealist artist José Fernández Ríos. It is inspired by Moorish architecture and features elements of monuments and archaeological sites as well known as the Alhambra in Granada, Malaga Alcazaba and ancient city of Medina Azahara near Cordoba.

Porticos del Cielo Porticos del Cielo

Porticos del Cielo (platforms in the sky) is a mural by José Fernández Ríos. This work is of a building with a large window overlooking a forest. This 175 m2  trompe l'oeil plays with the architecture simulating the building is hollow and combining it with vegetation.

leyton mural thumbnail Leyton

'Leyton' is the fourth work of art by the malagueño artist Curro Layton to join Estepona's collection of murals. It is the first abstract work to be part of the renowned mural route of the town (La ruta de murales artísticos de Estepona).

Atlantas mural Atlantas

The mural 'Atlantas', which pays tribute to the female artists behind some of the town's other famous paintings as well as women in general, is located on the El Pinar building just off Avenida Andalucia, across from the Mercadona supermarket on this street.

Location Maps

You can download a PDF leaflet about the murals in Spanish with an easy to print and follow location map here. 





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